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MG 'Eutectic' Leaded Flux Core Solder .025" 1/2lb
Mg 4884 227g

MG 'Eutectic' Leaded Flux Core Solder .025" 1/2lb

Part number: MG-4884-227G
Sn63/Pb37, 23 gauge.

M.G. Chemicals Rosin Activated Flux formula is used in our flux-cored Solder Wire. Its rapid wetting and fast flowing properties results in consistent and reliable soldering every time.  Cleaning becomes optional with our RA Flux core because of its non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive properties.

Features / Benefits

  • Meets J-STD-004 / J-STD-006
  • Non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive flux residue
  • Standard Flux Core percentage at 2.2%
  • Melting Point: 183 ° C / 361 ° F
Product condition: New