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Male Speaker Pin Terminal - 16-14 AWG - 100 Pack

Part number: SR-PIN-1I
This crimp-on pin terminal is most often used for connecting speaker wire to a binding post, push terminal or spring terminal. It enables bulky, stranded speaker wire to securely fit into a much smaller diameter terminal.

This solderless terminal has the following specifications:
  • Pin Terminal Dimensions: 0.085" Diameter x 0.30" Long
  • Wire Gauge: 16-14
  • Insulated (Vinyl)
  • Color Code: Blue

This is a package of: 100 Male Speaker Pin Terminals

Recommended Crimp Tool (Complete): Insulated Terminal Crimper for 22-10AWG Terminals - Ratcheting - VE-VTHCT
Recommended Crimp Die: Crimp Die for Insulated Terminals 22-18/16-14/12-10 AWG - PAN-PHT-98D-606
Recommended Crimp Tool Handle: 8" Ratcheting Cavity Crimp Tool Handle - PAN-PHT-73-001

Vetco stocks a large selection of Ring, Spade, Bullet, Flag, and Quick Disconnect Solderless terminals.
Product condition: New