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  1. Gravity Switches Spec Sheet (PDF)

Product Description

This is a simple LED-illuminated self-lock switch button. It’s just like a basic switch button, but it lights up color(red/yellow/green/blue/white) when pressed down, which gives you visual feedback. These little buttons can be used with micro:bit to realize various fun interactive projects, such as switch, backlight keyboard, music player panel, and recording control panel.

This is a self-lock switch button with LED light display. This is the same as a push-on, push-off button. However, if these lose power, they will not remember their state and will always be in the off position when power is restored.

Experimental Cases

Supports programming platforms like MakeCode, Mind+ and Arduino IDE


  • Backlight keyboard
  • Music player panel
  • Recording control panel


  • Working Voltage: +3.3-5V (3.3V is recommended, the LEDs will last longer)
  • Max Amperage: 27mA
  • Output: Digital signal
  • Interface: PH2.0-3P
  • Size: 27 x 26.5mm 
  • LED Light Color: red, yellow, green, blue, white

    Note: The module comes with a self-lock function. When the button is pressed down, the module outputs High, and the LED lights up. When being pressed again, the module outputs Low and the LED turns off.

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