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VS1838B TL1838 IR Receiver Remote Control VS1838 HX1838 Kit for Arduino

This kit has everything you need to control your Arduino wirelessly from across the room. It includes an infrared remote control with 17 buttons (battery included), a 38KHz IR Receiver module, and 3 jumper wires for connecting the receiver to the Arduino.
All pins are standard 0.1" spaced and work great with our BLS 0.1" / 2.54mm series connectors.

NOTE: Depending on which manufacturer these come from, not all will have the same remote with the same buttons on them. Some may not match the image. But all will have 21 buttons.

Here is some sample code for the Arduino which receives raw IR codes and prints them to the serial port in human-readable form. This sketch also recognizes the 'Play', 'Forward', and 'Rewind' buttons on this remote: Sample Arduino Code for IR Remote Control & Receiver (ZIP download).


header pin 1 (the one header pin whose solder pad is square) signal
header pin 2 positive power
header pin 3 ground

QTY: 1 x IR Remote Control & Receiver for Arduino

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.