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IR Remote Control & Receiver for Arduino

This kit has everything you need to control your Arduino wirelessly from across the room. It includes an infrared remote control with 21 buttons (battery included), a 38KHz IR Receiver module, and 3 jumper wires for connecting the receiver to the Arduino.
All pins are standard 0.1" spaced and work great with our BLS 0.1" / 2.54mm series connectors.

Here is some sample code for the Arduino which receives raw IR codes and prints them to the serial port in human-readable form. This sketch also recognizes the 'Play', 'Forward', and 'Rewind' buttons on this remote: Sample Arduino Code for IR Remote Control & Receiver (ZIP download).

header pin 1 (the one header pin whose solder pad is square) signal
header pin 2 positive power
header pin 3 ground

QTY: 1 x IR Remote Control & Receiver for Arduino

Product condition: New

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