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The NTE7241 is an adjustable 3terminal highvoltage with an output range of 1.2V to 125V and a DMOS output transistor capable of sourcing more than 700 mA. It is designed for use in highvoltage applications where standard bipolar regulators cannot be used. Excellent performance specifications, superior to those of most bipolar regulators, are achieved through circuit design and advanced layout techniques.

As a stateoftheart regulator, the NTE7241 combines standard bipolar circuitry with highvoltage doublediffused MOS transistors on one chip to yield a device capable of withstanding voltages for higher than standard bipolar integrated circuits. Because of its lack of secondarybreakdown and thermalrunaway characteristics usually associated with bipolar outputs, the NTE7241 maintains full overload protection while operating at up to 125V from input to output. Other features of the device include current limiting, safeoperatingarea (SOA) protection, and thermal shutdown. Even if ADJ is inadvertently disconnected, the protection circuitry remains functional.

The NTE7241 is characterized for operation over the virtual junction temperature range of 0° to +125°C.

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