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The NTE74HC595 (16Lead DIP) and NTE74HC595T (SOIC16) are 8stage serial shift registers with storage register and 3state outputs. The registers have separate clocks. These highspeed Sigate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with Lowpower Schottky TTL (LSTTL).

Data is shifted on the positivegoing transitions of the shift register clock input (SHCP). The data in each register is transferred to the storage register on a positivegoing transition of the storage register clock input (STCP). If both clocks are connected together, th shift register will always be one lock pulse ahead of the storage register.

The shift register has a serial input (DS) and a serial standard output (Q7S) for cascading. It is also provided with asynchronous reset (active LOW) for all 8 shift register stages. The storage register has 8 parallel 3state bus driver outputs. Data in the storage register appears at the output whenever the output enable input (OE) is LOW.

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