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Disposable 110 Punch-Down Tool / CAT-5 Cable Stripper
Don't let "Disposable" fool you - this is a tool that is sure to find a permanent place in your tool bag. It features a 110 style punch-down blade - perfect for field terminations or repairs of CAT-5 network or telephone jacks. The built-in cable jacket stripper is where this low-cost tool really shines. The stripper is fantastic for taking off the outer cable jacket of CAT-5 and CAT-6 cables. Simply slide the tool onto the cable and rotate around one time - You get a perfect, nick-free strip of the cable jacket each time.
This tool should be carried with every pair of CAT-5 crimpers. The cable jacket stripper is superior to the built-in stripping blades on RJ-45 crimpers. It is faster to use and doesn't nick the cable!

All in all, as a punch-down tool, it is just "ok". As a cable stripper it is amazing!
QTY: 1 x Disposable 110 Punch Down Tool / CAT-5 Cable Stripper

Product condition: New