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Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer Sensor Module (DHT11) for Arduino

Looking to add environmental monitoring to your Arduino? This digital thermometer / humidity sensor module gives you a wealth of information from a tiny package!

Measure temperature from 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) with an accuracy of 1°C! Measure relative humidity from 20 to 90%RH with an accuracy of 4%RH!

This module sends out pure digital data using just one signal line to both receive the trigger signal and send the serial data.
The digital design allows this sensor to operate on negligible power, waking up for a short burst of activity only when requested!

This item consists of a DHT11 sensor mounted to a small breakout board that includes a 10K pull-up resistor on the data line, and breaks out the GROUND, POSITIVE_POWER, and SERIAL_DATA connections to three sturdy, breadboard-friendly 0.1-inch-pitch header pins (header pin 1 is ground, header pin 2 is positive power, and header pin 3 is serial data).

  • Pin 1: VDD (3VDC - 5.5VDC)
  • Pin 2: Serial Data
  • Pin 3: not connected
  • Pin 4: GND

QTY: 1 x Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer Sensor (DHT11) for Arduino

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