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Color Sensor Module for Arduino

This module combines four high-brightness full-spectrum white LEDs with the high-resolution TAOS TCS3200 Color Light to Frequency converter chip, all on an easily-mountable board.
Now you can use your Arduino or other microcontroller to measure the precise color of your shirt, your homebrew beer or your cyanobacteria culture!

The chip contains 64 photodiodes grouped into four sets, each set covered by a different color filter: red, green, blue or clear. Four digital inputs allow you to select one of the four colors, and one of three scaling ranges (12KHz, 120KHz, or 600KHz). The output pin then emits a square wave whose frequency varies linearly with the intensity of the light incident on the selected set of photodiodes.
All pins are standard 0.1" spaced and work great with our BLS 0.1" / 2.54mm series connectors.


QTY: 1 x Color Sensor Module for Arduino

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