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Busbar - 7 Terminal Tin-Plated Copper - 100A

Part number: VUPN8974
Use as common hot feed or common ground block. Heavy plastic base with tin-plated solid brass terminal bar and screws.

Corrosion resistant tin-plated copper bus reduces heat and improves efficiency of electrical system.


  • Stud Size: #10-32
  • Screw Size: #8-32
  • Insert molded stainless steel studs eliminate need for securing nut and allow hight torguing for excellent electrical contact
  • Rased bus provides easy access tio multiple wires on a single screw.
  • UL 94-V0 rated base material resists high heat
  • Captive star type lock washers meet CE requirements for anti-rotation and easy installation
  • Recessed mounting holes eliminate accidental shorts to aluminum and steel mounting surfaces.

  • Continuous Amperge: 100A AC/ 100A DC
  • Maximum Voltage: 300V AC / 48V DC
  • Bus Material: Tin-Plated copper CDA 11/UNS C11000
  • Studs: 2x #10-32, Torque 25.9 in-lb
  • Screws: 5x #8-32, Torque 16.2 in-lb
Product condition: New