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Well, it's happened...

Cell phone manufacturer have started ditching headphone jacks. Some for not so good reasons, and some for need of room to fit larger batteries like Samsung.

Whatever reason caused them to take your jack away, this adapter fixes that problem easily.

This simple, small device gives your headphone jack back from ANY bluetooth A2DP enabled phone or computer. High quality sound output guarantees that you can use even your most expensive analog headphones with this adapter and have it sound great. Don't ditch your analog headphones just yet!

It's got an internal battery that last for roughly 4 hours. But it also charges quickly and easily off of it's micro USB port.

This sweet little unit works with:

-Android phones

-Samsung Galaxy and Note phones

-Apple iPhones of any type

-Apple iPads of any type

-Windows Phones

-Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and more

-Some versions of Linux

-May also work with a Raspberry Pi, but we haven't tested that yet.

-And Much More!!!!


Free yourself of being free of the headphone jack and get this adapter today!


A micro USB cable and 3.5mm to 3.5mm Male-Male adapter are included with these units.


USA Stock, call for stock status.

Android Phone (Galaxy Note 10+) shown in example photo NOT included.



Click here to read the California regulatory warning.