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A simple echo/reverb effect based on the PT2399 chip. This module is ideal for guitar/instrument signals!

To use, simply connect your instrument or other input device to the "IN +" connector, your amplifier or other output device to "OUT +", and connect your power supply to "VCC +". You will also need to connect "IN -", "OUT -", and "VCC -" to the ground that is shared by your input, output, and power supply. That's it!

The input and output connectors are JST-style, but female BLS pins can be used to connect to them.

The included potentiometer controls the audio output level.

Input Voltage: DC 6-15V

Board Size: 50mm x 50mm

R27 is reverb depth resistor, and can be replaced with an adjustable resistor: please remove R27 and connect a potentiometer to the S - G - G pad (the potentiometer value range is 20k-50k).

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.