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940nm 1 Watt Infrared LED Chip


Looking for a BRIGHT infrared LED that can't be seen by the human eye? Then you need this 1 watt 940nm LED. This 940nm LED doesn't bleed into the visible light region like all, more common 850nm LEDs do. An 850nm LED will emit a low red glow that can be seen by humans. However, the 940nm range can't be seen by humans. It can be seen on cameras. Even your phone (tested on Samsung Galaxy Note8) can see 940nm. It just won't be nearly as visibly bright to the camera as 850nm is.

You could use these to build your own night vision goggles or cameras, or use for building your own sensors or many other projects. They make cameras with IR filters that are geared for 940nm. To those cameras, this would be a VERY BRIGHT light!

These are hard to find, but pretty cool and useful IR LEDs. Get them while you can!


REQUIRES Heatsink!

Forward Voltage: 1.2 to 1.5 Volts DC (1.7 MAX when well cooled).

Forward Current: 450mA (600mA MAX)

Wavelength: 940nm

Emits non-visible bright light. Use caution.

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.