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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE139A
Description: ZD-9.1 V, 1 W +
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE139A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
000001S334, 00000WZ090, 00001S334, 000072150, 000072190, 0000WZ090, 0001S334, 001-0163-15, 003102, 003111, 01045, 0114-0017, 0114-0090, 0114-0090-6438, 022-2823-002, 0260540, 029-GT, 029-HC, 02Z102A, 02Z9.1, 02Z-9.1A, 02Z9.1A, 035-003-0, 05-090092, 051-0024, 05-540091, 05-540094, 05-860091, 05-860910, 05-990051, 05-990086, 05-990094, 05Z9.1, 05Z9.1L, 05Z9.1U, 06503, 08-08125, 09-000-307-001-0, 090003070010, 09-306106, 09-306124, 09-306158, 09-306165, 09-306180, 09-306194, 09-306232, 09-306239, 09-306241, 09-306247, 09-306275, 09-306287, 09-306327, 09-306332, 09-306351, 09-306375, 09-306382, 09-306401, 0AZ207, 0DZ910009AB, 0DZ910009BA, 1-00011-043, 1000-12, 1000-132, 1001-12, 10-013, 100-139, 100-14, 10-018, 100-522, 100-523, 1029-GT, 103-272, 10327918, 103-301-13, 103-301-13A, 1042-18, 106-010, 1074-120, 1080-10, 112530, 1147-16, 120-004879, 1-20363, 1223927, 1-22489, 123-020, 129904, 1/2Z276.5T5, 13-0029, 13-085028, 13-085042, 134882256322, 134882256343, 134882256356, 142-012, 145-118, 14-515-12, 14-515-16, 14-515-19, 14-515-24, 1474777-023, 148-5048-001-0, 149042, 1/4A9.1, 1/4A9.1A, 1/4A9.1B, 151-012-9-001, 151-031-9-006, 151052, 151-089-9-001, 152-008-9-001, 152-012-9-001, 152-051-9-001, 152052, 152-082-9-001, 1520899001, 1520939001, 171162-272, 171162-292, 1794-17, 1794-17(10), 185-015, 1858A, 186-016, 1902-1172, 192-919(MAG-ZENER), 1965019, 19A115528-P3, 19B200379-P1, 1A12688, 1A9.1M, 1A9.1MA, 1E9.1Z, 1E9.1Z10, 1EZ8.1D5, 1EZ9.1, 1EZ9.1D, 1EZ9.1D10, 1EZ9.1D5, 1EZ9.1T10, 1F00019, 1M9.1Z, 1M9.1Z10, 1M9.1Z5, 1M9.1ZS10, 1M9.1ZS5, 1N1770, 1N1770A, 1N2035-1, 1N2035-2, 1N2036-1, 1N3019, 1N3019A, 1N3019B, 1N3108, 1N33974, 1N3678, 1N3678A, 1N3678B, 1N3855A, 1N4103A, 1N4161, 1N4161A, 1N4161B, 1N4326, 1N4326A, 1N4326B, 1N4403, 1N4403A, 1N4403B, 1N4631, 1N4660, 1N4739, 1N4739A, 1N4831, 1N4831A, 1N5562, 1N5562A, 1N5562B, 1N5855A, 1N713B, 1N960, 1N960A, 1R9.1A, 1R9.1B, 1S130(ZENER), 1S1717L, 1S1718, 1S1728, 1S1959, 1S2116, 1S2116A, 1S217, 1S2493, 1S2550, 1S3009, 1S334, 1S334K, 1S334M, 1S334N, 1S482, 1S55, 1S56, 1S757A, 1S758GS, 1T243M, 1T9.1, 1T9.1A, 1T9.1B, 1TA9.1, 1TA9.1A, 1Z9, 1Z9.1, 1Z91.1D10, 1Z9.1A, 1Z9.1B, 1Z9.1C, 1Z9.1D10, 1Z91.D10, 1Z9.1D15, 1Z9.1D5, 1Z9.1T10, 1Z9.1T20, 1Z9.1T5, 1ZC9.1, 1ZC9.1T10, 1ZC9.1T5, 1ZF9.1T10, 1ZF9.1T20, 1ZF9.1T5, 1ZM9.1T10, 1ZM9.1T20, 1ZM9.1T5, 1ZS8.2A, 1ZS9.1A, 2000-305, 2000-308, 2000-327, 2000-334, 2002209-1, 2003779-26, 2023-41, 2041-06, 2049-34, 2079-93, 2087-46, 2093A38-16, 2093A41-125, 2093A41-159, 2093A41-16, 2093A41-163, 2093A41-186, 2093A41-24, 2093A41-24A, 2093B41-16, 2093B41-24, 2102-032, 2150-17, 215974, 21A040-051(DIODE), 21A103-064, 21A103-O64, 21A108-002, 21M214, 21M307, 21M584, 21M585, 22Z6AF, 22Z6F, 230-0023, 2309, 23115076, 2330743, 236266, 2452-17, 245217, 24MW331, 24MW998, .25T9.1, .25T9.1A, .25T9.1B, 264P10507, 264P486050, 2795A, 280317, 2844-17, 28811-94, 300313042, 32-0005, 321-1919(NAP-ZENER), 33R-09, 34-030-0, 34-8057-27(PHILCO), 34-8057-9(PHILCO), 3598859, 424-0479, 424-0479A, 42Z6, 42-Z6A, 465-199-19, 4653, 46-861111-3, 46-86284-3, 46-86421-3, 4777-23(RCA), 4801-00801, 48-03073A09, 48-134653, 48-134957, 48-137130, 48-137164, 4835-130-37067, 483513037067, 4835-130-37165, 483513037165, 4835-130-37544, 483513037544, 4835-130-37562, 483513037562, 4835-130-3777, 4835-130-37777, 483513037777, 48-41873J02, 48-44080J05, 48-44901P01, 48-82256C22, 48-82256C43, 48-82256C56, 48D82256C43, 48D82256C56, 48D82256D38, 48P83624E54, 48S134851, 48S134957, 48S137164, 48S41873J02, .4T9.1, .4T9.1A, .4T9.1B, 5001-125, 5001-152, 50Z9.1, 50Z9.1A, 50Z9.1B, 50Z9.1C, 51-02007-12, 52-053-013-0, 52-053-017-0, 523-2003-919, 523-2005-919, 523-2503-919, 5301591100, 5301921919, 530192-919, 530211919, 530321-1919, 5303211919, 5330011, 5330012, 5330322, 5330323, 53A022-6, 53A022-7, 53K001-14, 53K001-18, 540-037, 5403-MS, 55310007-115, 561-2560-757, 561-2560-935, 561-2597-383, 561-2600-230, 561-2602-310, 56-19, 5635-MZ309B, 5635MZ309B, 56-46, 56-62, 56C18, 5961-01-035-6099, 601000090, 601000091, 601-000-150, 602081, 62-130047, 6432-3, 6615005000, 66X0040-005(BRADFORD, 6720196, 690V105H32, 700-159, 70260540, 707W00168, 7297358, 754-9053-090, 7554, 75Z9.1, 75Z9.1A, 75Z9.1B, 75Z9.1C, 7910278-01, 79408, .7JZ9.1, .7Z9.1, .7Z9.1A, .7Z9.1B, .7Z9.1C, .7Z9.1D, .7ZM9.1, .7ZM9.1A, .7ZM9.1B, .7ZM9.1C, .7ZM9.1D, 8000-00004-065, 8000-00005-021, 8000-00006-009, 8000-00006-232, 8000-00011-043, 8000-00011-064, 8000-00041-018, 8000-00043-021, 8000-00043-068, 8000-00047-011, 8000-0004-P065, 8000-0004-PO65, 8000-0005-021, 8000-00057-011, 801726, 8120069, 817197, 854-0372-180, 86-0005, 8600503903, 86-35-1, 86-37-1, 86-58-1, 8710-54, 8-719-931-09, 87500920, 8.75VZENER, 87600920, 8840-55, 8-905-421-118, 8-905-421-228, 8-905-421-277, 8905421277, 8C91, 903-119, 903-119B, 903-179, 903Y00228, 919-01-1213, 919-01-3035, 922358, 922524, 922603, 923-0371-040, 92LHZ9A1T, 935-6306, 93A39-3, 93B39-1, 93B39-3, 93C39-3, 93D-200-82, 982254, 993111, 9D141003-12, 9D15, 9DI5, A04234-2, A061-119, A068-103, A1-DHZ-LAA-058, AB1-9, AO4234-2, AW-01-07, AW-01-09, AW01-09, AW01-9, AW01-9/CP3112030, AW01-9V, AW09, AWO9, AZ-090, AZ-092, AZ9.1, B090, B2090, B66X0040-003, BO90, BX090, BX909, BXY63, BZ-080, BZ-090, BZ090, BZ-0900, BZ-0901, BZ090.1Z9, BZ-090(ZENER), BZ-092, BZ-094, BZ094, BZ1-9, BZ1-90, BZ90, BZ9.1, BZ-O90, BZO90, BZV85C9V1, BZX14, BZX29C9V1, BZX46C9V1, BZX63C9V1, BZX71C9V1, BZX80C9V1, BZX85C9V1, BZX89C9V1, BZY85B9V1, BZY88/C9V1, BZY88/C9V5, BZY92C9V1, C2094, C21383, C4015, CA-092, CD31-00012, CD31-12019, CD31-12039, CD3112039, CD3122055, CD3212055, CD3212055(ZENER), CDZ-9V, CDZ-C9V, CF-092, CP3212055, CTR-0011, CXL139, CXL5018, CZ-092, CZ092, CZ-094, CZ094, CZ9.1B, CZ-92, D-00569C, D025, D160092, D176, D-18, D1-8, D1G, D2Z, D3F, D93019R11B, D9R1, DAAY010092, DDAY010002, DDAY010005, DDAY010006, DDAY126001, DI-8, DI-8-(COURIER), DI-8(COURIER), DIJ72165, DS-43, DS43, DS48, DS99, DX-0087, DX-0402, DX-0728, DX-0986, DZ0900, DZ0901, DZ0910, DZ-092, DZ0921, DZ10, DZB9.1, DZB9.1C, E0771-3, EA16X175, EA16X314, EA16X407, EA16X415, EA16X53, EA16X62, EA16X74, EA16X82, EA3866, ECG139, ECG139A, EDZ-0042, EDZ-0045, EDZ-23, ELP9.1, EO771-3, EQA01-01, EQA01-09, EQA01-09(R), EQA01-09R, EQA-9, EQA.9, EQB01-09, ETD-RD9.1FB, EVR9, EVR9A, EVR9B, EX0311CE, EZ9(ELCOM), EZR-0045, FD-1029-GT, FM1-0247, FZ309B, G01036, G01-036-G, G01036G, G01-036-H, G9.1T10, G9.1T20, G9.1T5, GEZD-9.1, GLA91, GLA91A, GLA91B, GO1036, GXI9.1, GZ1-9.1, GZ9.1, GZB9.1, GZB9.1B, H-00012, HD20017090, HD3000401, HD30007060, HD30017090, HEP104, HEPZ0219, HEP-Z0412, HEPZ0412, HF-1S334, HF-1S339, HF-20004, HF-20011, HF-20065, HM9.1B, HN-00012, HN-00024, HS2091, HS7091, HW9.1, HW9.1A, HW9.1B, HW9.81B, HZ-209, HZ5239, HZ-9, HZ9.1B1, HZ9.1PB, HZ-9B, HZ9H, HZ9.LP, IC743047, IP20-0019, IZ9.1, J24632, JZ9.1B, KD2504, KO-09D-443-537, KS091A, KS2091A, KS2091B, KS41A, KS41AF, KSO91A, LNA391A, LPM9.1, LPM9.1A, LPMX9.1A, LR91C, LR91CH, LVA391A, LVA91A, LZZ1-9.1, M4653, M4816, M4Z9.1, M4Z9.1-20, M4Z9.1A, M8515, M9Z, MA-1091, MA2091, MC6013A, MC6113A, MD757, MD757A, ME409-02B, MEZ1-9.1, MGLA91, MGLA91A, MGLA91B, MLNA391A, MLV757A, MR91C-H, MR91E-H, MTZ613, MTZ613A, MTZ9.1BTP, MZ090, MZ-209, MZ209, MZ209A, MZ209B, MZ209C, MZ309, MZ309-2B, MZ309B, MZ409, MZ409-02B, MZ409B, MZ500-15, MZ500.15, MZ-9, MZ9.1B, MZ92-9.1A, MZ-92-9.1B, MZ92-9.1B, MZX9.1, N5519, NGP5007, NT50C9V1, NT55C9V1, NTE139A, O2Z9.1A, O5Z9.1, OAZ212, OAZ247, OAZ272, P21344, PD6013, PD6013A, PD6054, PL-152-044-9-001, PL-152-051-9-001, PS10019B, PS10063, PS8912, PTC505, Q-25115C, QD-ARD9ECAA, QD-ZMZ409BE, QD-ZRD9EXA, QD-ZUZ9BXXP, R-7097, RD-7A, RD7A, RD9, RD-9.1, RD-91, RD9.1, RD-9.1E, RD9.1E, RD-9.1EC, RD9.1E-C, RD9.1ED, RD9.1EK, RD9.1F, RD9.1FA, RD-9.1FB, RD9.1FB, RD9.1FB3, RD9.1FK-3, RD9.1M, RD9.1Z, RD9.1Z(1), RD9.3, RD-96, RD-9A, RD9A, RD9A(10), RD-9AL, RD9A-N, RD9.EB, RD-9L, RE114, RE9.1E, REN139, RFJ71480, RH-EX0311CEZZ, RH-EX0313CEZZ, RHEX0313CEZZ, RH-EX0630GEZZ, RP-9A, RS1290, RS562, RT-240, RT8339, RV2213, RVD1N4739, RVDMZ209, RVDRD11AN, RVDRD9R1E, RVDRD9R1FB, RVDWZ094, RX090, S0702, S5239B, SA-93794, SC91, SD105, SD-15, SD-27, SD-632, SD632, SD632(10), SD-8, SD-8-(PHILCO), SD-8(PHILCO), SK3060, SK3060/139A, SK9V1, SK9V1/139A, SO-632, SP3060, SV41, SV-9, SV-9(RECTIFIER), SV-9(ZENER), SVD0279.5A, SVD02Z9.5A, SVD-1S1717, SVD1S1717, SZ13453, SZ-200-8, SZ-200-9, SZ-200-9V, SZ-9, SZ9, SZ9.1, SZ9.1B, SZC9, SZP-9, SZT-9, SZT9, T21334, T21639, T-750-714, TM139, TM139A, TMD07, TMD07A, TR-95, TR-95(B), TR-95B, TR-9GS, T-R9S, TR-9S, TR9S, TR-9SA, TR-9SB, TR9SB, TVSRD9AL, TZ8.2, TZ9.1, TZ9.1A, TZ9.1B, TZ9.1C, UDZ8709, UZ1-9.1, UZ8709, UZ8714, UZ8809, UZ8814, UZ9.1, UZ9.1B, UZ9.1BX, UZ9.1E, UZ-9.1F, UZ9.1F, UZ91F, UZ9B, UZL-9.1, UZP-9.1B, UZP9.1B, VHEMTZJ9R1A-1, VHERD9R1JS1-1, VHEXZ-090-1, VHEXZ090-1, VR-9.1, VR9.1, VR9.1A, VR9.1B, VR9B, W1-088, W1-090, W1-092, W1-094, W2-088, W2-090, W2-092, W2-094, W4-088, W4-090, W4-092, W4-094, W8-088, W8-090, W8-092, W8-094, W9-088, W9-090, W9-092, W9-094, WA-088, WA-088A, WA-088B, WA-088C, WA-088D, WA-090, WA-090A, WA-090B, WA-090C, WA-090D, WA-092, WA-092A, WA-092B, WA-092C, WA-092D, WA-094, WA-094A, WA-094B, WA-094C, WA-094D, WA-098, WA-098A, WB-088, WB-088A, WB-088B, WB-088C, WB-088D, WB-090, WB-090A, WB-090B, WB-090C, WB-090D, WB-092, WB-092A, WB-092B, WB-092C, WB-092D, WB-094, WB-094A, WB-094B, WB-094C, WB-094D, WC-088, WC-088A, WC-088B, WC-088C, WC-090, WC-090A, WC-090B, WC-090C, WC-090D, WC-092, WC-092A, WC-092B, WC-092C, WC-092D, WC-094, WC-094A, WC-094B, WC-094C, WC-094D, WC-88D, WD-088, WD-088A, WD-088B, WD-088C, WD-088D, WD-090, WD-090A, WD-090B, WD-090C, WD-090D, WD-092, WD-092A, WD-092B, WD-092C, WD-092D, WD-094, WD-094A, WD-094B, WD-094C, WD-094D, WD90, WE-088, WE-088A, WE-088B, WE-088C, WE-088D, WE-090, WE-090A, WE-090B, WE-090C, WE-090D, WE-092, WE-092A, WE-092B, WE-092C, WE-092D, WE-094, WE-094A, WE-094B, WE-094C, WE-094D, WEP104, WEP1109, WF-088, WF-088A, WF-088B, WF-088C, WF-088D, WF-090, WF-090A, WF-090B, WF-090C, WF-090D, WF-092, WF-092A, WF-092B, WF-092C, WF-092D, WF-094, WF-094A, WF-094B, WF-094C, WF-094D, WF-260, WG-088, WG-088A, WG-088B, WG-088C, WG-088D, WG-090, WG-090A, WG-090B, WG-090C, WG-090D, WG-092, WG-092A, WG-092B, WG-092C, WG-092D, WG-094, WG-094A, WG-094B, WG-094C, WG-094D, WG91, WH-088, WH-088A, WH-088B, WH-088C, WH-088D, WH-090, WH-090A, WH-090B, WH-090C, WH-090D, WH-092, WH-092A, WH-092B, WH-092C, WH-092D, WH-094, WH-094A, WH-094B, WH-094C, WH-094D, WI-088, WI-088A, WI-088B, WI-088C, WI-088D, WI-090, WI-090A, WI-090B, WI-090C, WI-090D, WI-092, WI-092A, WI-092B, WI-092C, WI-092D, WI-094, WI-094A, WI-094B, WI-094C, WI-094D, WJ-088, WJ-088A, WJ-088B, WJ-088C, WJ-088D, WJ-090, WJ-090A, WJ-090B, WJ-090C, WJ-090D, WJ-092, WJ-092A, WJ-092B, WJ-092C, WJ-092D, WJ-094, WJ-094A, WJ-094B, WJ-094C, WJ-094D, WK-065, WK-088, WK-088A, WK-088B, WK-088C, WK-088D, WK-090, WK-090A, WK-090B, WK-090C, WK-090D, WK-092, WK-092A, WK-092B, WK-092C, WK-092D, WK-094, WK-094A, WK-094B, WK-094C, WK-094D, WL-088, WL-088A, WL-088B, WL-088C, WL-088D, WL-090, WL-090A, WL-090B, WL-090C, WL-090D, WL-092, WL-092A, WL-092B, WL-092C, WL-092D, WL-094, WL-094A, WL-094B, WL-094C, WL-094D, WM-088, WM-088A, WM-088B, WM-088C, WM-088D, WM-090, WM-090A, WM-090B, WM-090C, WM-090D, WM-092, WM-092A, WM-092B, WM-092C, WM-092D, WM-094A, WM-094B, WM-094C, WM-094D, WN-088, WN-088A, WN-088B, WN-088C, WN-088D, WN-090, WN-090A, WN-090B, WN-090C, WN-090D, WN-092, WN-092A, WN-092B, WN-092C, WN-092D, WN-094, WN-094A, WN-094B, WN-094C, WN-094D, WO-088, WO-088A, WO-088B, WO-088C, WO-088D, WO-090, WO-090A, WO-090B, WO-090C, WO-090D, WO-092, WO-092A, WO-092B, WO-092C, WO-092D, WO-094, WO-094A, WO-094B, WO-094C, WO-094D, WP-088, WP-088A, WP-088B, WP-088C, WP-088D, WP-090, WP-090A, WP-090B, WP-090C, WP-090D, WP-092, WP-092A, WP-092B, WP-092C, WP-092D, WP-094, WP-094A, WP-094B, WP-094C, WP-094D, WQ-088, WQ-088A, WQ-088B, WQ-088C, WQ-088D, WQ-090, WQ-090A, WQ-090B, WQ-090C, WQ-090D, WQ-092, WQ-092A, WQ-092B, WQ-092C, WQ-092D, WQ-094, WQ-094A, WQ-094B, WQ-094C, WQ-094D, WR-088, WR-088A, WR-088B, WR-088C, WR-088D, WR-090, WR-090A, WR-090B, WR-090C, WR-090D, WR-092, WR-092A, WR-092B, WR-092C, WR-092D, WR-094, WR-094A, WR-094B, WR-094C, WR-094D, WS-088, WS-088A, WS-088B, WS-088C, WS-088D, WS-090, WS-090A, WS-090B, WS-090C, WS-090D, WS-092, WS-092A, WS-092B, WS-092C, WS-092D, WS-094, WS-094A, WS-094B, WS-094C, WS-094D, WT-088, WT-088A, WT-088B, WT-088C, WT-088D, WT-090, WT-090A, WT-090B, WT-090C, WT-090D, WT-092, WT-092A, WT-092B, WT-092C, WT-092D, WT-094, WT-094A, WT-094B, WT-094C, WT-094D, WU-088, WU-088A, WU-088B, WU-088C, WU-088D, WU-090, WU-090A, WU-090B, WU-090C, WU-090D, WU-092, WU-092A, WU-092B, WU-092C, WU-092D, WU-094, WU-094A, WU-094B, WU-094C, WU-094D, WV-088, WV-088A, WV-088B, WV-088C, WV-088D, WV-090, WV-090A, WV-090B, WV-090C, WV-090D, WV-092, WV-092A, WV-092B, WV-092C, WV-092D, WV-094, WV-094A, WV-094B, WV-094C, WV-094D, WW-088, WW-088A, WW-088B, WW-088C, WW-088D, WW-090, WW-090A, WW-090B, WW-090C, WW-090D, WW-092, WW-092A, WW-092B, WW-092C, WW-092D, WW-094, WW-094A, WW-094B, WW-094C, WW-094D, WX-088, WX-088A, WX-088B, WX-088C, WX-088D, WX-090, WX-090A, WX-090B, WX-090C, WX-090D, WX-092, WX-092A, WX-092B, WX-092C, WX-092D, WX-094, WX-094A, WX-094B, WX-094C, WX-094D, WY-088, WY-088A, WY-088B, WY-088C, WY-088D, WY-090, WY-090A, WY-090B, WY-090C, WY-090D, WY-092, WY-092A, WY-092B, WY-092C, WY-092D, WY-094, WY-094A, WY-094B, WY-094C, WY-094D, WZ092, WZ-90, WZ9.1, WZO90, X092, X330000560, XS9.1B, XZ086, XZ-090, XZ090, XZ-092, XZ092, XZ-094, XZ094, YEAD015, YEAD025, Z0219, Z0412, Z0B9.1, Z0C9.1, Z0D9.1, Z1109, Z1B9.1, Z2A91F, Z4739A, Z4B9.1, Z4X9.1, Z4XL9.1, Z4XL9.1B, Z5B9.1, Z5C9.1, Z5D9.1, Z694, Z714, Z9.1B, Z9.1B1, Z9.1BLTA, ZA9.1, ZA9.1A, ZA9.1B, ZB1-09, ZB1-9, ZB-1-9.5, ZB-1-9.5V, ZB1-9V, ZB9.1, ZB9.1A, ZB9.1B, ZBI-09, ZD10B, ZD9.1, ZD9.1A, ZD9.1B, ZE9.1, ZF19.1, ZF29.1, ZF9.1 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF9.1P, ZFD9.1, ZG9.1, ZH9.1, ZH9.1A, ZH9.1B, ZM9.1, ZM9.1A, ZM9.1B, ZP-9.1, ZP9.1, ZP9.1A, ZP9.1B, ZPY9.1, ZQ9.1, ZQ9.1A, ZQ9.1B, ZS9.1, ZS9.1A, ZS9.1B, ZT9.1, ZT9.1A, ZT9.1B, ZV9.1, ZV9.1A, ZV9.1B, ZW0-9.1, ZW9.1, ZX9.1, ZY9.1, ZZ9.1

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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