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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE138A
Description: Z-Diode, 7.5 V. 1 W ( 656 in overstock ) +
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE138A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
000000SZT8, 001-0099-00, 001-0099-01, 001-0099-02, 0277.5A, 02Z7.5, 02Z-7.5A, 02Z7.5A, 05-110108, 05470, 05-490005, 05A7.5-Y, 05Z, 05Z075UNI, 05Z7.5-L, 05Z7.5-UNI, 05Z7.5-X, 06501, 09-306181, 09-306197, 09-306305, 09-307082, 09-7442-0, 0AZ205, 0SD-0033, 0SD0033, 10-017, 1009-06, 1009-06(10), 103-279-15, 103-279-15A, 10327915A, 103-Z9002, 1041-67, 115123, 118358, 125992, 127177, 1/276.5T5, 13-14879-4, 13-33187-26, 1411-130, 14-515-04, 14-515-13, 14-515-17, 14-515-26, 151-075-9-001, 15-108033, 15-123106, 15-123301, 152-075-9-001, 1520759001, 152-079-9-004, 1520909001, 152097001, 166921, 171162-172, 1755A, 1755A-F, 180338, 1902-0630, 1902-1169, 19-085017, 192-759(MAG-ZENER), 19CC19, 1A7.5M, 1A7.5MA, 1C0020, 1E7.5Z, 1E7.5Z10, 1EZ-5Z10, 1EZ7.5D, 1EZ7.5D10, 1EZ7.5D5, 1EZ7.5T10, 1EZ7.5Z, 1F00017, 1F98001, 1M7.5AZ10, 1M7.5AZ5, 1M7.5Z, 1M7.5Z10, 1M7.5Z5, 1M7.5ZS10, 1M7.5ZS5, 1N1768, 1N1768A, 1N2034-3, 1N3017, 1N3017A, 1N3017B, 1N3181, 1N3676, 1N3676A, 1N3676B, 1N3830, 1N3830A, 1N4159, 1N4159A, 1N4159B, 1N4324, 1N4324A, 1N4324B, 1N4401, 1N4401A, 1N4401B, 1N4629, 1N4658, 1N4737, 1N4737A, 1N5560, 1N5560A, 1N5560B, 1N5852, 1N5852A, 1R7.5, 1R7.5A, 1S1114, 1S1114A, 1S1163, 1S1391, 1S1391A, 1S1407, 1S1407R, 1S17176, 1S1736, 1S1768, 1S2114, 1S2114A, 1S223, 1S2491, 1S2548, 1S3007, 1S332, 1S616, 1S617, 1S994Y, 1T7.5, 1T7.5B, 1TA7.5, 1TA7.5A, 1TA7.5B, 1Z7.5, 1Z7.5A, 1Z7.5T5, 1ZC7.5T5, 1ZD6, 1ZM7.5T10, 1ZM7.5T20, 1ZM7.5T5, 1ZM75T5, 1ZS6.8A, 2000-325, 2005779-26, 2006607-63, 2017-113, 2055-122, 2092055-0005, 2092055-5, 2093A41-53, 20Z6AF, 20Z6F, 21A103-049, 220736, 22-1-147, 22-1-152, 224046, 23109992, 23115984, 2330-021, 2330021, 2330302H, 23908982, 239219, 249317, 24MW207, 25211-200, .25T7.5, .25T7.5A, .25T7.5B, 264P485050, 264P485060, 276-572, 281917, 296V018B02, 29S, 2S2114A, 309-327-601, 309-327-608, 309-327-802, 33-0025, 34-8057-16, 34-8057-27, 34-8057-9, 3598713, 3598963, 38A-64C, 38A64C, 3L4-3505-3, 3L4-3506-3, 4-2020-24200, 4-2021-05470, 4-202105470, 4202105470, 42031258, 421-2061, 424-0379, 44T-300-94, 46-86225-3, 46-86456-3, 4822-130-30287, 4835-130-37584, 483513037584, 4835-130-37637, 483513037637, 48P83624E01, 48P83624E24, .4T7.5, .4T7.5A, .4T7.5B, 523-2003-759, 523-2005-759, 530073-1, 5301921759, 530192-759, 5322-130-32586, 532213032586, 53B015-1, 53J004-3, 540-029, 561-2560-958, 56-31, 56-8096, 56-97, 642-186, 6615000600, 72135, 72135-C, 7527-5A, 754-2720-007, 7574, .75N7.5, 75Z7.5A, .7JZ7.5, 7X070, .7Z7.5, .7Z7.5A, .7Z7.5B, .7Z7.5C, .7Z7.5D, .7ZM7.5, .7ZM7.5A, .7ZM7.5B, .7ZM7.5C, .7ZM7.5D, 8000-00005-019, 8000-00011-103, 8000-0005-019, 86-145-1, 879-4(SYL), 90(SHARP), 919-00-1445-001, 919-00-1445-1, 919-001445-1, 919-003309-4, 935-6304, 93C39-10, 93C39-14, 93C39-9, 96-5124-02, 983011, 984252, 985448, A04332-007, A04344-007, A059-117, A1-DHZ-LAA-066, A21268, A7110151, A7110159, A7270300, AX-7, AZ-071, AZ-073, AZ-075, B071, BA-075, BA075, BC-075, BZ-071, BZ071, BZ-073, BZ-075, BZ075, BZV17C7V5, BZV85C7V5, BZX29C7V5, BZX58C7V5, BZX63C7V5, BZX69C7V5, BZX79-C7V5, BZX80C7V5, BZX85C7V5, BZX89C7V5, BZY85B7V5, BZY92C7V5, CDZ-318-75, CX-0051, CXL138, CXL5015, CZ-078, CZ7.5B, D-00369C, DDAY008020, DDAY108001, DX-0748, DX-1013, DZ0710, DZ0750, DZB7.5, DZB7.5C, EA16X125, EA16X47(ZENER), EA16X88, ECG138, ECG138A, EDZ-2, EE5A-7.5, ELP7.5, EP16X12, EP36X12, EQB01-07, ES57X7, ETD-RD75, EZ7(ELCOM), FV-21, FV21, GEZD-7.5, GLA75A, GXI7.5, GZ1-7.5, GZ7.5, GZB7.5, GZB7.5B, HD1000309, HD3000309, HD3000309-0, HD-3000409, HD30019090, HE-20049, HE-7, HEP-Z0216, HEPZ0216, HEP-Z0410, HEPZ0410, HW7.5, HW7.5A, HZ5236, HZ7.5P, HZ7.5PB, HZ-7A(B), HZ-7GR, HZ7H, HZ-7SV, HZ-7SVA, HZ-7SVB, IP20-0027, J241218, JZ7.5B, KS075A, KS2075A, LNA375A, LPM7.5A, LR75C, LVA375A, LVA75A, LZZ1-7.5, M135, MA2075, MC6011A, MC6111A, MEZ1-7.5, MGL75A, MLNA375A, MLV755A, MTZ611A, MZ1007, NT50C7V5, NT5517, NT55C7V5, NTE138A, O2Z7.5A, O5Z7.5, OSD0033, PD6011A, PD6052, PS10017B, PS10061, PS8910, PTC504, R7030, R-7094, RD7.5B2, RD-7.5EB, RD7.5F, RD7.5FA, RD7.5FB, RD7.5FB2, RD7.5M, RD7M, RD7R5FB, RE111, REN138, RH-EX0019CEZZ, RT-239, RT3574, RVDEQA0107S, RVDEQA0108S, RVDMZ208, RVDRD7R5-E, RVDRD7R5E, RVDRD7R5EB, RVDRD7R5FB, S5236B, SK3059, SK3059/138A, SK7V5, SK7V5/138A, SP3059, SV127, SV39, SV-7, SZ-7, SZ7.5B, T17-A, T17A, TM138, TM138A, TR2327733, TR-7GS, TR-7SA, TV-24272, TV24272, TVS-RD7A, UDZ8707, UZ1-7.5, UZ7.5, UZ8707, UZ8807, UZL-7.5, UZP-7.5B, V06C(LAFAYETTE), V140, V174, VHERD7R5JB1-1, VR7.5, VR7.5A, VR7.5B, W1-071, W1-073, W1-075, W1-077, W2-071, W2-073, W2-075, W2-077, W4-071, W4-073, W4-075, W4-077, W8-071, W8-073, W8-075, W8-077, W9-071, W9-073, W9-075, W9-077, WA-071, WA-071A, WA-071B, WA-071C, WA-071D, WA-073, WA-073A, WA-073B, WA-073C, WA-073D, WA-075, WA-075A, WA-075B, WA-075C, WA-075D, WA-077, WA-077A, WA-077B, WA-077C, WA-077D, WB-071, WB-071A, WB-071B, WB-071C, WB-071D, WB-073, WB-073A, WB-073B, WB-073C, WB-073D, WB-075, WB-075A, WB-075B, WB-075C, WB-075D, WB-077, WB-077A, WB-077B, WB-077C, WB-077D, WC-071, WC-071A, WC-071B, WC-071C, WC-071D, WC-073, WC-073A, WC-073B, WC-073C, WC-073D, WC-075, WC-075A, WC-075B, WC-075C, WC-075D, WC-077, WC-077A, WC-077B, WC-077C, WC-077D, WD-054A, WD-071, WD-071A, WD-071B, WD-071C, WD-071D, WD-073, WD-073A, WD-073B, WD-073C, WD-073D, WD-075, WD-075A, WD-075B, WD-075C, WD-075D, WD-077, WD-077A, WD-077B, WD-077C, WD-077D, WE-071, WE-071A, WE-071B, WE-071C, WE-071D, WE-073, WE-073A, WE-073B, WE-073C, WE-073D, WE-075, WE-075A, WE-075B, WE-075C, WE-075D, WE-077, WE-077A, WE-077B, WE-077C, WE-077D, WEP103A, WEP1107, WF-071, WF-071A, WF-071B, WF-071C, WF-071D, WF-073, WF-073A, WF-073B, WF-073C, WF-073D, WF-075, WF-075A, WF-075B, WF-075C, WF-075D, WF-077, WF-077A, WF-077B, WF-077C, WF-077D, WG-071, WG-071A, WG-071B, WG-071C, WG-071D, WG-073, WG-073A, WG-073B, WG-073C, WG-073D, WG-075, WG-075A, WG-075B, WG-075C, WG-075D, WG-077, WG-077A, WG-077B, WG-077C, WG-077D, WH-071, WH-071A, WH-071B, WH-071C, WH-071D, WH-073, WH-073A, WH-073B, WH-073C, WH-073D, WH-075, WH-075A, WH-075B, WH-075C, WH-075D, WH-077, WH-077A, WH-077B, WH-077C, WH-077D, WI-071, WI-071A, WI-071B, WI-071C, WI-071D, WI-073, WI-073A, WI-073B, WI-073C, WI-073D, WI-075, WI-075A, WI-075B, WI-075C, WI-075D, WI-077, WI-077A, WI-077B, WI-077C, WI-077D, WJ-071, WJ-071A, WJ-071B, WJ-071C, WJ-071D, WJ-073, WJ-073A, WJ-073B, WJ-073C, WJ-073D, WJ-075, WJ-075A, WJ-075B, WJ-075C, WJ-075D, WJ-077, WJ-077A, WJ-077B, WJ-077C, WJ-077D, WK-071, WK-071A, WK-071B, WK-071C, WK-071D, WK-073, WK-073A, WK-073B, WK-073C, WK-073D, WK-075, WK-075A, WK-075B, WK-075C, WK-075D, WK-077, WK-077A, WK-077C, WK-077D, WL-071, WL-071A, WL-071B, WL-071C, WL-071D, WL-073, WL-073A, WL-073B, WL-073C, WL-073D, WL-075, WL-075A, WL-075B, WL-075C, WL-075D, WL-077, WL-077A, WL-077B, WL-077C, WL-077D, WL-079, WM-071, WM-071A, WM-071B, WM-071C, WM-071D, WM-073, WM-073A, WM-073B, WM-073C, WM-073D, WM-075, WM-075A, WM-075B, WM-075C, WM-075D, WM-077, WM-077A, WM-077B, WM-077C, WM-077D, WN-071, WN-071A, WN-071B, WN-071C, WN-071D, WN-073, WN-073A, WN-073B, WN-073C, WN-073D, WN-075, WN-075A, WN-075B, WN-075C, WN-075D, WN-077, WN-077A, WN-077B, WN-077C, WN-077D, WO-071, WO-071A, WO-071B, WO-071C, WO-071D, WO-073, WO-073A, WO-073B, WO-073C, WO-073D, WO-075, WO-075A, WO-075B, WO-075C, WO-075D, WO-077, WO-077A, WO-077B, WO-077C, WO-077D, WP-071, WP-071A, WP-071B, WP-071C, WP-071D, WP-073, WP-073A, WP-073B, WP-073C, WP-073D, WP-075, WP-075A, WP-075B, WP-075C, WP-075D, WP-077, WP-077A, WP-077B, WP-077C, WP-077D, WQ-071, WQ-071A, WQ-071B, WQ-071C, WQ-071D, WQ-073, WQ-073A, WQ-073B, WQ-073C, WQ-073D, WQ-075, WQ-075A, WQ-075B, WQ-075C, WQ-075D, WQ-077, WQ-077A, WQ-077B, WQ-077C, WQ-077D, WR-071, WR-071A, WR-071B, WR-071C, WR-071D, WR-073, WR-073A, WR-073B, WR-073C, WR-073D, WR-075, WR-075A, WR-075B, WR-075C, WR-075D, WR-077, WR-077A, WR-077B, WR-077C, WR-077D, WS-071, WS-071A, WS-071B, WS-071C, WS-071D, WS-073, WS-073A, WS-073B, WS-073C, WS-073D, WS-075, WS-075A, WS-075B, WS-075C, WS-075D, WS-077, WS-077A, WS-077B, WS-077C, WS-077D, WT-071, WT-071A, WT-071B, WT-071C, WT-071D, WT-073, WT-073A, WT-073B, WT-073C, WT-073D, WT-075, WT-075A, WT-075B, WT-075C, WT-075D, WT-077, WT-077A, WT-077B, WT-077C, WT-077D, WU-071, WU-071A, WU-071B, WU-071C, WU-071D, WU-073, WU-073A, WU-073B, WU-073C, WU-073D, WU-075, WU-075A, WU-075B, WU-075C, WU-075D, WU-077, WU-077A, WU-077B, WU-077C, WU-077D, WV-071, WV-071A, WV-071B, WV-071C, WV-071D, WV-073, WV-073A, WV-073B, WV-073C, WV-073D, WV-075, WV-075A, WV-075B, WV-075C, WV-075D, WV-077, WV-077A, WV-077B, WV-077C, WV-077D, WW-071, WW-071A, WW-071B, WW-071C, WW-071D, WW-073, WW-073A, WW-073B, WW-073C, WW-073D, WW-075, WW-075A, WW-075B, WW-075C, WW-075D, WW-077, WW-077A, WW-077B, WW-077C, WW-077D, WX-071, WX-071A, WX-071B, WX-071C, WX-071D, WX-073, WX-073A, WX-073B, WX-073C, WX-073D, WX-075, WX-075A, WX-075B, WX-075C, WX-075D, WX-077, WX-077A, WX-077B, WX-077C, WX-077D, WY-071, WY-071A, WY-071B, WY-071C, WY-071D, WY-073, WY-073A, WY-073B, WY-073C, WY-073D, WY-075, WY-075A, WY-075B, WY-075C, WY-075D, WY-077, WY-077A, WY-077B, WY-077C, WY-077D, WZ-071, WZ071, WZ-071A, WZ-073A, WZ075A, WZ-077A, WZ7.5, XZ-071, XZ-072, XZ-076, XZ076, YZ080, Z0216, Z0410, Z-1010, Z1107, Z1B7.5, Z1D7.5, Z4737A, Z4B7.5, Z4XL7.5, Z4XL75, Z4XL7.5B, Z7.5, ZA7.5B, ZB1.8, ZB207, ZB7.5, ZB7.5A, ZB7.5B, ZC107, ZD7.5 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZD7.5B, ZD91, ZD91A, ZD91B, ZEN501, ZEN505, ZENER7-1V, ZF17.5, ZF27.8, ZF7.5 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF7.5P, ZH107, ZH7.5B, ZM7.5, ZM7.5A, ZM7.5B, ZPY7.5, ZR207, ZR50B921-2, ZW7.5, ZX070, ZZ7.5

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