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Gens Ace 7.4V 1200mAh LiPo battery
Need a small but powerful battery for your projects? Look no further! This 1200 mAh 2 cell battery is narrow enough to fit easily into a small robot, portable lighting project, or any other device you need a small, high-output battery for. It comes with a standard Tamiya connector on flexible, high-quality silicone wires.

This Gens ace 25C 1200mAh 2S1P 7.4V airsoft gun battery with mini Tamiya Plug will fit most AEG like M4, CM16 SCAR AR15 LE STOCK


- Capacity: 1200mAh
- Voltage: 7.4V
- Discharge Rate: 25C
- Connector: Mini Tamiya
- Dimensions: 125x20x12mm
- Weight: 59g


1. This battery requires a Li-Po Charger (Which is NOT included but can be purchased from us)

2. Before purchasing make sure that the battery is suitable for your airsoft gun or project.

These can NOT be shipped by air. FedEx Ground ONLY! No P.O. Boxes.

USA STOCK, call or email us for stock status.


SAFETY NOTICE FOR ALL Lithium Batteries:

For either Li-ion or Li-po batteries. You should ALWAYS charge safely. Never charge at a higher rate than you are supposed to. Never discharge at a higher rate than you are supposed to. Never leave un-attended when charging or discharging. Never puncture or crush the batteries. Never over charge or over-volt the batteries. When you buy a lithium style battery from Vetco, it is assumed that you know what you are doing. Vetco can neither educate you or accept any liability for the use or improper use of any style of lithium battery.

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.