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Product Description

MG 6" x 9" Double Sided Copper Clad PC Board
MG Part Number: 589

  • 1/32" FR4 Material
  • Double Sided Copper Clad
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"

MG Chemicals high quality 1/32" FR4 laminate PC Board with 1 ounce copper per square foot. This flame retardant laminate is translucent in color and made of continuous woven glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin. The copper on 1 ounce boards is 1.34 mil thick (0.0341 mm, 34.1 microns). The boards are made of FR4 which is a flame retardant version of G-10 material.

Developed specifically for the circuit processing industries' requirements. Complies with UL #E214381 (select boards comply to UL #E213990).


Property Treatment Condition Unit FR-4 Index
Peel Strength
(As received)
A Ib/in >= 8.0
(After thermal stress) A Ib/in >= 8.0
Surface Resistivity at elevated temperature E-24/125 M Ohm >= 103
Volume Resistivity E-24/125 M Ohm · cm >= 103

Water Absorption

E-1/105+des+D-24/23 %
(0.78-3.20MM) E-1/105+des+D-24/23 %
Flexural Strength (Lengthwise) A Mpa >=410
(Crosswise) A Mpa
Dielectric Breakdown Parallel to laminate D-48/50+D-0.5/23 KV >=40
Dielectric Constant Permittivity at 1MHZ
Bow and Twist
(Double sided)
A %
Flammability Rating A&E-1/105+des   UL 94 V-0
Thermal stress(288°C, 20 seconds) Unetched, A No defect
  After etched A No defect
Pressure vessel thermal stress A   No defect
Dimensional stability E-4/105+des+E-2/150 Um/em +/-5.0
TG DSC °C >= 130°C
TD ( °C/TGA 5% wt loss) °C 300-310°C

QTY: 1 PC Board

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