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Product Description

MG 6" x 6" Single Sided Presensitized Copper Clad PC Board
MG Part Number: 609

  • 1/16" FR4 Material
  • Single Sided Copper Clad
  • Presensitized for easy etch fabrication
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6"

MG Chemicals high quality 1/16" FR4 laminate PC Board with 1 ounce copper per square foot. This flame retardant laminate is translucent in color and made of continuous woven glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin. The copper on 1 ounce boards is 1.34 mil thick (0.0341 mm, 34.1 microns). The boards are made of FR4 which is a flame retardant version of G-10 material.

Developed specifically for the circuit processing industries' requirements. Complies with UL #E214381 (select boards comply to UL #E213990). Provides ultraviolet blocking and fluorescence when using automated optical inspection (AOI).

MG presensitized boards provide high resolution and excellent fine line control. They are ideal for prototypes, small production runs, and student training.

Property Treatment Condition Unit FR-4 Index
Peel Strength
(As received)
A Ib/in >= 8.0
(After thermal stress) A Ib/in >= 8.0
Surface Resistivity at elevated temperature E-24/125 M Ohm >= 103
Volume Resistivity E-24/125 M Ohm · cm >= 103

Water Absorption

E-1/105+des+D-24/23 %
(0.78-3.20MM) E-1/105+des+D-24/23 %
Flexural Strength (Lengthwise) A Mpa >=410
(Crosswise) A Mpa
Dielectric Breakdown Parallel to laminate D-48/50+D-0.5/23 KV >=40
Dielectric Constant Permittivity at 1MHZ
Bow and Twist
(Double sided)
A %
Flammability Rating A&E-1/105+des   UL 94 V-0
Thermal stress(288°C, 20 seconds) Unetched, A No defect
  After etched A No defect
Pressure vessel thermal stress A   No defect
Dimensional stability E-4/105+des+E-2/150 Um/em +/-5.0
TG DSC °C >= 130°C
TD ( °C/TGA 5% wt loss) °C 300-310°C

QTY: 1 PC Board

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