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Need an high quality, high torque motor for your robot or project?

Then this is just the motor for you!

- High torque
- 30 RPM at 6VDC
- Can be operated at 12 to 1V
- 6 Screw mounting points on the gearbox
- Gearbox can be detached from motor
- Polarity can be reversed
- Great for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
- Notched shaft: 6.4mm (0.25 inches) diameter, 14.3mm (0.56 inches) long, 2.95mm (0.11 inch) notch on end of shaft.
- Overall: Length= 55.5mm (2.18 inches), diameter= 37.0mm (1.46 inches)
- Screw mounting holes are approximately 17.2mm (0.67 inches) apart from each other.
- Manufacturer: GWIN

These are absolutely fantastic motors. They are strong enough that you have no hope of stopping them with your hand. Very high quality. We have a "one-time" limited stock on these, we can't get them again. When they are gone, they are gone forever!

Product condition: New