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This can NOT be shipped. Since we can not verify the age of the person purchasing online, these are for local pick up ONLY!!!! If you order this with shipping, your order will be automatically canceled. Thank you.


532nm Green Laser Pointer 18650 Laser + Charger - 1mW


This VERY bright green laser pointer comes with an 18650 re-chargable Li-Ion battery and a charger. There is also a safety switch that is key operated on the bottom. Comes with two keys. We can not get replacement keys.


These make GREAT gifts. They are super fun. Great for line of sight traning. Great for stargazing.


Please remember that it is illegal to point any laser at any aircraft or into anyone’s eyes. No matter if they are operating a vehicle or not. Its also illegal to point these at or into peoples homes or offices. These should only be used by adults. They are VERY bright and will damage your vision or camera sensors. Reflections are dangerous too. It reflects with very similar levels of light to the actual direct output. Do NOT use this with pets! It will damage your pets eyes. There are LOTS of laws governing laser pointers, especially very high output ones like this Class III laser. It is up to you to ensure that you research and follow the laws. Vetco accepts no responsibility for damage or infractions caused by use of these laser units. You are agreeing to this by purchasing. Please play safe!



You get:

1 laser

2 keys

1 battery 18650

1 18650 charger

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.