50W / 1600W Foreign Travel Converter Kit
S 910 010

50W / 1600W Foreign Travel Converter Kit

Part number: S-910-010
This kit contains plug adapters and transformers for many popular countries. The included plug adapters are:
  • Europe
  • Australia + New Zealand (I Type)
  • N + S America, Carribean (A Type)
  • Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East (4mm + 5mm round) (C Type)
  • Great Britain, Hong Cong, Africa (G Type)

Also included are voltage transformers that convert 220VAC to 110VAC. This kit contains two transformers:
  • 50W: for small electronic devices
  • 1600W: Clipping type adapter, suitable for Hair Dryers, curlers, etc.

Comes in a convenient travel case.
QTY: 1 Adapter Set (6 Pieces)
Made in China
Product condition: New