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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE136A
Description: ZD- 5.6 V, 1 W ( 1300 in overstock ) +
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE136A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
00000MZ206, 001-0163-04, 012-1023-007, 01K-5.4E, 01K-5.8E, 029-KN, 029-LJ, 02Z5.6, 073-44(MAG-DIODE), 07-5331-86A, 07-5331-86B, 07-5331-86C, 07-5331-86D, 09-306109, 100-10, 100-135, 10-016, 1010-7951, 1029-LJ, 103-279-11, 103-Z9007, 1090-0827, 1140-4126, 1-210, 1/2Z6.5T5, 13-33187-12, 134883461538, 134993, 13-67544-1, 13-67544-1/3464, 137647, 146273, 1471898-5, 1/4AZ5.6D5, 1/4LZ5.6D, 1/4LZ5.6D10, 1/4LZ5.6D5, 1/4M5.6AZ, 1/4M5.6AZ25, 1642606B6, 169199, 171842, 17Z6, 17Z6A, 17Z6AF, 17Z6F, 1800012, 187-12, 1898-5(RCA), 1902-1245, 192-569, 192-569(MAG-ZENER), 1D5.6, 1D5.6A, 1D5.6B, 1EZ5.6, 1EZ5.6D, 1EZ5.6D10, 1EZ5.6D5, 1EZ5.6T10, 1F00042, 1M5.6AZ10, 1M5.6AZ5, 1M5.6Z, 1M5.6Z10, 1M5.6Z5, 1M5.6ZS10, 1M5.6ZS5, 1N1509, 1N1509A, 1N1520, 1N1520A, 1N1765A, 1N2033A, 1N2214, 1N3399, 1N3827, 1N3827A, 1N4655, 1N4734, 1N4734A, 1N762A, 1NJ61225, 1S11A, 1S1374, 1S1374A, 1S1389, 1S1389A, 1S1405, 1S1405R, 1S2111, 1S2111A, 1S211A, 1S221, 1S2488, 1S2544, 1S2545, 1S52, 1S692, 1T5.6, 1T5.6B, 1TA5.6, 1TA5.6A, 1TA5.6B, 1WB-6A, 1Z5.6, 1Z5.6A, 1Z5.6T5, 1ZC5.6, 1ZC5.6T10.5, 1ZC5.6T5, 1ZF5.6T10, 1ZF5.6T20, 1ZF5.6T5, 1ZM5.6T10, 1ZM5.6T20, 1ZM5.6T5, 1ZS5.1A, 200567, 2010967-84, 2092055-0016, 2102-033, 215488, 21A119-041, 2247-4, 225301, 225316, 232-0028, 2323-17, 2331805, 2362-17, 2527-17, 252717, .25T5.6, .25T5.6A, .25T5.6B, 264P04005, 264P11001, 264P484020, 337-007006, 34-8054-6(PHILCO), 348057-17, 34-8057-32, 3600568, 37Z6, 37Z6A, 3L4-3506-21, 3L4R3506-21, 4082-748-0002, 4082748-0002, 4-436, 4-436(SEARS), 44T-100-117, 44T-300-92, 48-03073A02, 48-134993, 4822-130-30193, 4822-130-31041, 482213031041, 4835-130-37221, 483513037221, 48-40458A04, 48-83461E38, 48-86863A04, 48-97305A02, 48-97305A05, 48C82256C12, 48S137170, 48S97305A02, 48X97305A02, 4H-130-31623, .4T5.6, .4T5.6A, .4T5.6B, 5001-160, 523-2003-569, 530-073-31, 530073-31, 530073-44, 530145-1569, 530145-569, 530157-1569, 530157-569, 5301921569, 530192-569, 561-2560-520, 561-2560-522, 561-2597-341, 56C12, 5.6V, 61E38, 62522666, 652C0, 67544, 6V-200, 707W00161, 71411-13, 73-31, 73-44(MAG-ZENER), 741116, .75N5.6, 75N5.6, 760088, 809-74, 8-905-421-109, 903-120B, 903-333, 919-00-1445, 935-6300, 93A39-19, 93A39-2, 93A39-26, 93A39-73, 93B39-73, 93C39-19, 93C39-73, 93D39-73, 99201-210, 99202-210, 99210-210, A1-DHZ-LAA-056, AZ-052, AZ-054, AZ-056, AZ5.6, B1309, B69(FARFISA), BAZ202, BLVA156A, BLVA456A, BZ-052, BZ052, BZ-054, BZ-056, BZ5.6, BZ5.6E, BZ6.2, BZ88/C4V7, BZV17C5V6, BZV85C5V6, BZX29C5V6, BZX46C5V6, BZX85C5V6, BZX88C5V6, BZY83/C5V6, BZY83/D5V6, BZY85/C5V6, BZY85/D5V6, BZY88/C4V7, BZY88/C5V6, BZY92/C5V6, BZY92C5V6, CD0120, CD31-00007, CD48, CH4734, CHA4Z5.6, CHMZ5.6, CXL5011, D1M, DIM, DS50, DX-0061, DX-0727, DX-0735(ZENER), DX-0737, DX-1132, EA16X114, EA16X118, EA16X165, EA16X188, EA16X191, EA2608, ECG136, ECG136A, EDZ-19, EE5A-5.6, ELP5.6, EP16X19, EP16X19(5.6V), EQA01-05T, ERA0106R, ET16X17, EVR4, EVR4A, EVR4B, EZ5R6(ELCOM), FD-1029-LJ, FZ5.6T10, FZ5.6T5, G5.6T10, G5.6T20, G5.6T5, GEZD-5.6, GLA56, GLA56A, GLA5.6B, GLA56B, GXI5.6, GZ1-5.6, GZ5.6, GZB5.6, GZB5.6B, HD30042090, HEP603, HEPZ0212, HEP-Z0407, HEPZ0407, HN-00101, HS2056, HS7056, HZ5232, HZ5.6P, HZ5.6PB, HZ62, HZ6(B)2, HZ6(B2), HZ6B2, J241186, J24186, JZ5.6B, KS056A, KS056B, KS2056A, KS2056B, KS36A, KS36AF, KS36B, KS36BF, KSO56A, KSO56B, LNA356A, LPM5.6, LPM5.6A, LR56C, LVA156A, LVA356A, LVA456A, LVA56A, LZ5.6, LZZ1-5.6, M4Z5.6, M4Z5.6-20, M4Z5.6A, M758, MA1056, MA1056M, MA2056, MC6007, MC6007A, MC6107, MC6107A, MD752, MD752A, MEZ1-5.6, MEZ5.6T10, MEZ5.6T5, MGLA56, MGLA56A, MGLA56B, MLNA356A, MLV752A, MR56C-H, MTZ607, MTZ607A, MZ-206, MZ-5, MZ500-10, MZ500.10, MZ5A, MZ92-5.6A, NT50C5V6, NT5514, NT55C5V6, NTE136A, O5Z5.6L, OAZ202, OAZ242, OZ5.6T10, OZ5.6T5, PD6008, PD6008A, PD6049, PD6049C, PS8907, PTC502, QD-ZRD56FAA, QZ5.6T10, QZ5.6T5, RD5.6, RD5.6B, RD56B, RD5-6C, RD5-6E, RD5.6E, RD5.6EK, RD5.6E-NI, RD5.6ENI, RD5.6F, RD5.6FA, RD5.6FB, RD5.6FB1, RD5.6M, RD6, RD-6A, RD-6AM, RD6A(M), RD-6M, RE106, RE107, REN136, RS5.6C, RT1306, RT1306(G.E.), RT-236, RV1181, S5232B, SD-32, SFZ708, SK3057, SK3057/136A, SK5V6, SK5V6/136A, SP3057, SV123, SV36, SZ13451, SZ5.6, SZ5.6B, TM136, TM136A, TMD02, TMD02A, TVSEQA01-057, TZ5.6, UZ1-5.6, UZ5R6BM, UZL-5.6, VR5.6, VR5.6A, VR5.6B, VZ-056A, VZ-056B, VZ-056C, VZ-056D, VZ-056E, W1-054, W1-056, W1-058, W2-052, W2-054, W2-056, W2-058, W4-054, W4-056, W4-058, W8-054, W8-056, W8-058, W9-054, W9-056, W9-058, WA-054, WA-054A, WA-054B, WA-054C, WA-054D, WA-056, WA-056A, WA-056B, WA-056C, WA-056D, WA-058, WA-058A, WA-058B, WA-058C, WA-058D, WB-054, WB-054A, WB-054B, WB-054C, WB-054D, WB-056, WB-056A, WB-056B, WB-056C, WB-056D, WB-058, WB-058A, WB-058B, WB-058C, WB-058D, WC-054, WC-054A, WC-054B, WC-054C, WC-054D, WC-056, WC-056A, WC-056B, WC-056C, WC-056D, WC-058, WC-058A, WC-058B, WC-058C, WC-058D, WD-054, WD-054B, WD-054C, WD-054D, WD-056, WD-056A, WD-056B, WD-056C, WD-056D, WD-058, WD-058A, WD-058B, WD-058C, WD-058D, WE-054, WE-054A, WE-054B, WE-054C, WE-054D, WE-056, WE-056A, WE-056B, WE-056C, WE-056D, WE-058, WE-058A, WE-058B, WE-058C, WE-058D, WE-061, WEP1104, WEP603, WF-054, WF-054A, WF-054B, WF-054D, WF-056, WF-056A, WF-056B, WF-056C, WF-056D, WF-058, WF-058A, WF-058B, WF-058C, WF-058D, WG-054, WG-054A, WG-054B, WG-054C, WG-054D, WG-056, WG-056A, WG-056B, WG-056C, WG-056D, WG-058, WG-058A, WG-058B, WG-058C, WG-058D, WH-054, WH-054A, WH-054B, WH-054C, WH-054D, WH-056, WH-056A, WH-056B, WH-056C, WH-056D, WH-058, WH-058A, WH-058B, WH-058C, WH-058D, WI-054, WI-054A, WI-054B, WI-054C, WI-054D, WI-056, WI-056A, WI-056B, WI-056C, WI-056D, WI-058, WI-058A, WI-058B, WI-058C, WI-058D, WJ-054, WJ-054A, WJ-054B, WJ-054C, WJ-054D, WJ-056, WJ-056A, WJ-056B, WJ-056C, WJ-056D, WJ-058, WJ-058A, WJ-058B, WJ-058C, WJ-058D, WK-054, WK-054A, WK-054B, WK-054C, WK-054D, WK-056, WK-056A, WK-056B, WK-056C, WK-056D, WK-058, WK-058A, WK-058B, WK-058C, WK-058D, WL-054, WL-054A, WL-054B, WL-054C, WL-054D, WL-056, WL-056A, WL-056B, WL-056C, WL-056D, WL-058, WL-058A, WL-058B, WL-058C, WL-058D, WM-054, WM-054A, WM-054B, WM-054C, WM-054D, WM-056, WM-056A, WM-056B, WM-056C, WM-056D, WM-058, WM-058A, WM-058B, WM-058C, WM-058D, WN-054, WN-054A, WN-054B, WN-054C, WN-054D, WN-056, WN-056A, WN-056B, WN-056C, WN-056D, WN-058, WN-058A, WN-058B, WN-058C, WN-058D, WO-054, WO-054A, WO-054B, WO-054C, WO-054D, WO-056, WO-056A, WO-056B, WO-056C, WO-056D, WO-058, WO-058A, WO-058B, WO-058C, WO-058D, WP-052D, WP-054, WP-054A, WP-054B, WP-054C, WP-054D, WP-056, WP-056A, WP-056B, WP-056C, WP-056D, WP-058, WP-058A, WP-058B, WP-058C, WP-058D, WQ-054, WQ-054A, WQ-054B, WQ-054C, WQ-054D, WQ-056, WQ-056A, WQ-056B, WQ-056C, WQ-056D, WQ-058, WQ-058A, WQ-058B, WQ-058C, WQ-058D, WR-054, WR-054A, WR-054B, WR-054C, WR-054D, WR-056, WR-056A, WR-056B, WR-056C, WR-056D, WR-058, WR-058A, WR-058B, WR-058C, WR-058D, WS-054, WS-054A, WS-054B, WS-054C, WS-054D, WS-056, WS-056A, WS-056B, WS-056C, WS-056D, WS-058, WS-058A, WS-058B, WS-058C, WS-058D, WT-054, WT-054A, WT-054B, WT-054C, WT-054D, WT-056, WT-056A, WT-056B, WT-056C, WT-056D, WT-058, WT-058A, WT-058B, WT-058C, WT-058D, WU-054, WU-054A, WU-054B, WU-054C, WU-054D, WU-056, WU-056A, WU-056B, WU-056C, WU-056D, WU-058, WU-058A, WU-058B, WU-058C, WU-058D, WV-054, WV-054A, WV-054B, WV-054C, WV-054D, WV-056, WV-056A, WV-056B, WV-056C, WV-056D, WV-058, WV-058A, WV-058B, WV-058C, WV-058D, WW-054, WW-054A, WW-054B, WW-054C, WW-054D, WW-056, WW-056A, WW-056B, WW-056C, WW-056D, WW-058, WW-058A, WW-058B, WW-058C, WW-058D, WX-054, WX-054A, WX-054B, WX-054C, WX-054D, WX-056, WX056, WX-056A, WX-056B, WX-056C, WX-056D, WX-058, WX-058A, WX-058B, WX-058C, WX-058D, WY-054, WY-054A, WY-054B, WY-054C, WY-054D, WY-056, WY-056A, WY-056B, WY-056C, WY-056D, WY-058, WY-058A, WY-058B, WY-058C, WY-058D, WZ052, WZ-054A, WZ-056A, WZ-058, WZ-058A, WZ060, WZ523, WZ5.6, X0255, X0255(GOTTLIEB), XZ055, XZ-057, YZ058, Z0212, Z0407, Z0B5.6, Z0C5.6, Z0D5.6, Z-1006, Z-1104, Z1104, Z1104-C, Z-1140, Z-1145, Z-1150, Z-1155, Z-1160, Z-1165, Z-1170, Z-1240, Z-1245, Z-1250, Z-1255, Z-1260, Z-1265, Z-1270, Z-1540, Z-1545, Z-1550, Z-1555, Z-1560, Z-1565, Z-1570, Z1B5.6, Z1D5.6, Z2A56CF, Z2A56F, Z4734A, Z4B5.6, Z4C5.6, Z4D5.6, Z4X5.6, Z-5140, Z-5145, Z-5150, Z-5155, Z-5160, Z-5165, Z-5170, Z-5240, Z-5245, Z5245, Z-5250, Z-5255, Z-5260, Z-5265, Z-5270, Z-5540, Z-5545, Z-5550, Z-5555, Z-5560, Z-5565, Z-5570, Z5.6, Z5B5.6, Z5C5.6, Z5D5.6, ZB205, ZB5.6, ZB5.6A, ZB5.6B, ZBI-13, ZC105, ZD5.6 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZD5.6A, ZD56A, ZD5.6B, ZE5.6, ZEC5.6, ZF15.6R, ZF25.6R, ZF5.6 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF5.6P, ZG5.6, ZH105, ZM5.6, ZM5.6A, ZM5.6B, ZOB5.6, ZP5.6, ZPY5.6, ZR205, ZS5.6, ZS5.6A, ZS5.6B, ZT5.6, ZT5.6A, ZT5.6B, ZW5.6, ZY5.6, ZZ5.6

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