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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE135A
Description: ZD - 5 . 1 V, 1 W +
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 455
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE135A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at nteinc.com.
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
000001S330, 001-0163-02, 001-02303-0, 001-023060, 001-223030, 001-223060, 003113, 01K-5.0E, 01K-5.2E, 01K5.4E, 05-060052, 05-480205, 05Z5.1L, 0AZ209, 0AZ269, 10-085027, 1029-KW, 103-279-10, 103-Z9006, 10DC-1(SANYO), 11112, 1124-0017, 1223926, 1-22519, 13-0033179-013, 13-0100, 13-17204, 13-17596-6, 13-33179-13, 134882256335, 134882256351, 134883461541, 1374-6789, 139343, 14-509-02, 14-515-02, 14-515-15, 146320, 1477022, 1/47M.1AZ5, 1/4AZ5.1D, 1/4AZ5.1D5, 1/4M5.1AZ25, 152, 152-030, 152-030-9-001, 152-069-9-001, 152-079-001, 152-079-9-001, 1520889001, 152-088-9-001(ZENER), 154856, 1642606B1, 164591, 16Z6, 16Z6A, 16Z6AF, 16Z6F, 179-13(SYL-ZENER), 192-519(MAG-ZENER), 1D5.1, 1D5.1A, 1D5.1B, 1EZ5.1, 1EZ5.1D, 1EZ5.1D10, 1EZ5.1D5, 1EZ5.1T10, 1F00088, 1M5.1AZ10, 1M5.1AZ3, 1M5.1AZ5, 1M5.1Z, 1M5.1Z10, 1M5.1Z5, 1M5.1ZS10, 1M5.1ZS5, 1N1765, 1N2032-2, 1N25, 1N3511, 1N3726A, 1N3732, 1N376, 1N3826, 1N3826A, 1N4654, 1N468B, 1N473, 1N4733, 1N4733A, 1N473A, 1N473B, 1N761A, 1P20-0086, 1R5.1, 1S1734, 1S1766, 1S1955, 1S2051B, 1S2304, 1S2487, 1S320, 1S320(RECT), 1S330A1, 1S634, 1WB-5A, 1Z5.1, 1Z5.1A, 1Z5.1T10, 1Z5.1T5, 1ZC5.1, 1ZF5.1T10, 1ZF5.1T20, 1ZF5.1T5, 1ZM5.1T10, 1ZM5.1T20, 1ZM5.1T5, 2000-313, 2000-321, 2000-333, 2008230039, 2093A41-194, 2093A41-63, 2093A41-90, 20B409, 20B410, 23115455, 232-0040, 2331493, 253-13(MAG-ZENER), 2568-17, 256817(ZENER), 264P02501, 264P483070, 2774, 337-07006, 34-8057-37, 34-8057-7, 3598374, 36Z6, 36Z6A, 394-3135, 3L4-3506-31, 4041-200-30110, 425793, 43761, 45SZ-RD5.1FB, 46-861281-3, 4808-0000-007, 48-10346A01, 48-134698, 48-134991, 482212031456, 4822-130-30264, 482213030264, 4822-130-31456, 48-82256C35, 48-82256C51, 48-83461E41, 489752-124, 5001-112, 5001-197, 509818, 523-2003-519, 530073-40, 5301921519, 530192-519, 5302531013, 530253-13, 5330842, 540-032, 540-038, 5491338-P1, 56-16, 56-44, 56-59, 5B1(ZENITH), 61E41, 66F1004, 71411-15, 741334, 741429, 741738, 7492377-P1, 7492377-P10, .75N5.1, 75N5.1, 760298, 7713, 7852904-01, 8000-00041-017, 8000-00043-067, 8000-00049-021, 8000-00058-002, 817173, 860050071, 8-719-160-24, 8-719-931-05, 919-00-7349, 919-01-3058, 935-6298, 93B39-2, 986578, A1-DHZ-LAA-033, A42X00460-01, A7110502, AZ-050, AZ4.7, AZ5.1, BZ-050, BZ050, BZ4.7, BZ5.1, BZ/88/C4V7, BZV85C5V1, BZX29C5V1, BZX85C5V1, BZY83/C5V1, BZY83/CV51, BZY85/C5V1, BZY88/C5V1, BZY88/C9V7, BZY92/C5V1, BZY92C5V1, C014888, CD31-00006, CD3122, CHA4Z5.1, CHMZ5.1, CX0050, CXL135, CXL5010, D160131, D313(ZENER), DA-087, DDAY009001, DS-107, DX0112, DX-0987, DX0989, DX1193, DZ0500, EA16X136, EA16X406, ECG135, ECG135A, EP16X19(5.1V), EP16X25, EQA01-05, EQB01-05, EQB01-05SA, ERB01-05, FD-1029-KW, FZ5.1T10, FZ5.1T5, FZ901, G5.1T10, G5.1T20, G5.1T5, GEZD-5.0, GEZD-5.1, GLA47, GLA47A, GLA47B, GLA51, GLA51A, GLA51B, GXI5.1, GZ1-5.1, GZ5.1, GZB5.1, GZB5.1B, HD3003309, HEP602, HEPZ0211, HEP-Z0406, HEPZ0406, HS2047, HS2051, HS7051, HZ-5, HZ5.1P, HZ5.1PB, HZ-5B, HZ5B, IDA1Z5B, IDAZ3399B, IP20-0086, KS051A, KS2047A, KS2047B, KS2051A, KS2051B, KS34A, KS34AF, KS34B, KS34BF, KS35A, KS35AF, KSO47A, KSO47B, KSO51A, LPM4.7, LPM4.7A, LR47CH, LR51CH, LR56CH, LZ4.7, LZZ1-5.1, M4Z4.7, M4Z4.7-20, M4Z4.7A, M4Z5.1, M4Z5.1-20, M4Z5.1A, MA2051, MA2051TP, MEZ1-5.1, MGLA47, MGLA47A, MGLA47B, MGLA51, MGLA51A, MGLA51B, MR47C-H, MR51C-H, MR51E-H, MX205, MZ1005, MZ205, MZ500-8, MZ500-9, MZ500.9, MZ5.1T5, MZ92-4.7A, MZ92-5.1A, NTE135A, OA1265, OAZ200, OAZ201, OAZ209, OAZ240, OAZ241, OAZ269, OZ5.1T10, OZ5.1T5, PD6006, PD6006A, PD6007, PD6007A, PD6047, PD6048, PR515, PR605, PR804, PRS3017, PS6468, PS8905, PS8906, PTC214, PTC215, QB105M, QB105N, QD-AM205XE, QD-ZM205XE, QD-ZMZ205KE, QD-ZMZ205XE, QDZMZ205XE, QD-ZMZ305KE, QZ5.1T10, QZ5.1T5, RD5-1E, RD-5.1EC, RD5.1E-C, RD5.1FB1, RD5.1F-B3, RD-5A, RD5AK, RD5B, RE105, REN135, RH-EX0024TAZZ, RHEX0611GEZZ, RT235, RT-6922, RVD14733, RVD1N4733A, RVDRD5A1E, RVDRD5R1EB, SD-6, SK3056, SK3056/135A, SK5V1, SK5V1/135A, SP3056, SV121, SV122, SZ200, SZ200-5, SZ4.7, SZ5, SZ5.1, SZ-RD5.1FB, TM135, TM135A, TMD01, TMD01A, TVSQB105N, TVSRD5.1EC, TVS-RD5A, TVSRD5A, TVSRD5AK, UZ1-5.1, UZ5.1, UZL-5.1, V188, VZ-050, VZ-050A, VZ-050B, VZ-050C, VZ-050D, VZ-050E, W1-050, W1-052, W2-050, W4-050, W4-052, W8-050, W8-052, W9-050, WA-050, WA-050A, WA-050B, WA-050D, WA-052, WA-052A, WA-052B, WA-052C, WA-052D, WB-050, WB-050A, WB-050B, WB-050C, WB-050D, WB-052, WB-052A, WB-052B, WB-052C, WB-052D, WC-050, WC-050A, WC-050B, WC-050C, WC-050D, WC-052, WC-052A, WC-052B, WC-052C, WC-052D, WD-050, WD-050A, WD-050C, WD-052, WD-052A, WD-052B, WD-052C, WD-052D, WE-050, WE-050A, WE-050B, WE-050C, WE-050D, WE-052, WE-052A, WE-052B, WE-052C, WE-052D, WEP1103, WEP602, WF-050, WF-050A, WF-050B, WF-050C, WF-050D, WF-052, WF-052A, WF-052B, WF-052C, WF-052D, WG-050A, WG-050B, WG-050C, WG-050D, WG-052, WG-052A, WG-052B, WG-052C, WG-052D, WI-050, WI-050A, WI-050B, WI-050C, WI-050D, WI-052, WI-052A, WI-052B, WI-052C, WI-052D, WJ-050, WJ-050A, WJ-050B, WJ-050C, WJ-050D, WJ-052, WJ-052A, WJ-052B, WJ-052C, WJ-052D, WK-050, WK-050A, WK-050B, WK-050C, WK-050D, WK-052, WK-052A, WK-052B, WK-052C, WK-052D, WL-050, WL-050A, WL-050B, WL-050C, WL-050D, WL-052, WL-052A, WL-052B, WL-052C, WL-052D, WM-050, WM-050A, WM-050B, WM-050C, WM-050D, WM-052, WM-052A, WM-052B, WM-052C, WM-052D, WN-050, WN-050A, WN-050B, WN-050C, WN-050D, WN-052, WN-052A, WN-052B, WN-052C, WN-052D, WO-050, WO-050A, WO-050B, WO-050C, WO-050D, WO-052, WO-052A, WO-052B, WO-052C, WO-052D, WP-050, WP-050A, WP-050B, WP-050C, WP-050D, WP-052, WP-052A, WP-052B, WP-052C, WQ-050, WQ-050A, WQ-050B, WQ-050C, WQ-050D, WQ-052, WQ-052A, WQ-052B, WQ-052C, WQ-052D, WR-050, WR-050A, WR-050B, WR-050C, WR-050D, WR-052, WR-052A, WR-052B, WR-052C, WR-052D, WS-050, WS-050A, WS-050B, WS-050C, WS-050D, WS-052, WS-052A, WS-052B, WS-052C, WS-052D, WT-050, WT-050A, WT-050B, WT-050C, WT-050D, WT-052, WT-052A, WT-052B, WT-052C, WT-052D, WU-050, WU-050A, WU-050B, WU-050C, WU-050D, WU-052, WU-052A, WU-052B, WU-052C, WU-052D, WV-050, WV-050A, WV-050B, WV-050C, WV-050D, WV-052, WV-052A, WV-052B, WV-052C, WV-052D, WW-050, WW-050A, WW-050B, WW-050C, WW-050D, WW-052, WW-052A, WW-052B, WW-052C, WW-052D, WX-050, WX-050A, WX-050B, WX-050C, WX-050D, WX-052, WX-052A, WX-052B, WX-052C, WX-052D, WY-050, WY-050A, WY-050B, WY-050C, WY-050D, WY-052, WY-052A, WY-052B, WY-052C, WY-052D, WZ-050A, WZ-052A, WZ5, WZ522, WZ905, XC-049, XZ-049, XZ-051, XZ051, XZ-051(ZENER), XZ-053, Z0211, Z0406, Z0B4.7, Z0B5.1, Z0C4.7, Z0C5.1, Z0D4.7, Z0D5.1, Z1103, Z1B4.7, Z1B5.1, Z1C4.7, Z1C5.1, Z1C5.6, Z1D4.7, Z1D5.1, Z2A51F, Z4.7, Z4B5.1, Z4X5.1A, Z4X5.1B, Z5.1/1W, Z5B4.7, Z5B5.1, Z5C4.7, Z5C5.1, Z5D4.7, Z5D5.1, ZB4.7, ZB5.1, ZB5.1A, ZB5.1B, ZD5.1 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZD5.1A, ZD51A, ZD5.1B, ZD51B, ZD5.1V, ZD-5V, ZD5V, ZF4.7 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF5.1, ZG4.7, ZM5.1, ZM5.1A, ZM5.1B, ZMZ205, ZMZ605, ZOB5.1, ZP5.1, ZPY5.1, ZW5.1, ZY5.1, ZZ4.1, ZZ4.7, ZZ5.1

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