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This high-power 3 Watt LED is mounted on a 20mm diameter aluminum core "LED Star" style PC board. The PCB makes it easy to mount the LED to a heatsink, which is required for operation, using machine screws. Solder pads are provided for + and - DC power. You can use any pad marked "+" for positive DC voltage, the same can be said for the terminals marked "-".

This is a 3 Watt Bright White LED - It requires a constant-current power supply and sufficient heatsink to operate.
LED Color Emitted: Bright White / Cool White
Color Temperature: 2800K ~ 3500K
Viewing Angle: 120°
Forward Voltage: 3.2VDC
Forward Current: 700mA
Luminous Flux: 180~220 Lumens
Mounting Type: Pre-soldered to
20mm Aluminum Star PCB

QTY: 1x 3W Bright White LED
Product condition: New