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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE147A
Description: ZD-33.0 V, 1W +
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE147A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
0099202-128, 02-300574, 029-GK, 07-28816-93, 08020052, 1029-GK, 103-236, 103-237, 103-288, 103-288-01, 103-Z9004, 1063-5209, 1070-5481, 1081-3186, 1133, 1135-8074, 126864, 1270-4805, 1298-6923, 132824, 132842, 13-33186-1, 13-37905-1, 13-39863-1, 1348-1452, 134883461508, 136721, 141302, 141833, 142670, 143760, 144923, 144976, 145113, 146613, 1474777-12, 1474777-16, 1474777-4, 1478164-010, 1478164-1, 1478164-10, 1/4A33, 1/4A33A, 1/4A33B, 1/4Z33D, 1/4Z33D10, 1/4Z33D5, 151-006-9-001, 152-006-9-001, 152-029-9-002, 17973A, 186-1(SYL), 1902-0795, 192-330, 192-330(MAG-ZENER), 1A33M, 1A33MA, 1AC33, 1AC33A, 1AC33B, 1C33Z, 1C33ZA, 1E33Z, 1E33Z10, 1E33Z5, 1EZ33D, 1EZ33D10, 1EZ33D5, 1M33Z, 1M33Z10, 1M33Z5, 1M33ZS10, 1M33ZS5, 1N1783A, 1N1882, 1N1882A, 1N1938A, 1N1938B, 1N1965A, 1N1965B, 1N1992A, 1N1992B, 1N3032, 1N3032A, 1N3032B, 1N3440, 1N3453, 1N3691, 1N3691A, 1N3691B, 1N4121A, 1N4121B, 1N4174, 1N4174A, 1N4174B, 1N4337B, 1N4339, 1N4339A, 1N4339B, 1N4416, 1N4416A, 1N4416B, 1N4644, 1N4673, 1N4752, 1N4752A, 1N4844, 1N4844A, 1N4844B, 1N5575, 1N5575A, 1N5575B, 1R33, 1R33A, 1R33B, 1S1777, 1S1951, 1S241, 1S2506, 1S2563, 1S3033, 1S765, 1S765H, 1SZ40-33, 1T33, 1T33A, 1T33B, 1T33(ZENER), 1TA33, 1TA33A, 1TA33B, 1Z33, 1Z33A, 1Z33B, 1Z33C, 1Z33D, 1Z33D10, 1Z33D5, 1Z33T10, 1Z33T20, 1Z33T5, 1ZB33, 1ZB33B, 1ZC33, 1ZF33T10, 1ZF33T20, 1ZF33T5, 1ZM33T5, 1ZS33A, 1ZT33, 1ZT33B, 2002600107, 211549, 2327076, .25T33, .25T33A, .25T33B, 264P11009, 32167-403-850, 32167403850, 32169-403-850, 34-8057-38, 42032820, 4663, 46-754713-3, 46-86678-3(ZENER), 4777-12(RCA), 4777-16(RCA), 48-134663, 48-134858, 48-137266, 4835-130-37003, 483513037003, 4835-130-37023, 483513037027, 4835-130-37277, 483513037277, 4835-130-37502, 483513037502, 4858, 48-83461E08, 48-90432A17, 48S134858, 48S137063, 48S137266, 48S137272, .4T33, .4T33A, .4T33B, 50Z33, 50Z33A, 50Z33B, 50Z33C, 5132, 52-053-005-0, 5232, 523-2003-330, 5301921330, 530192-330, 5303291330, 56A7-1, 56C7-1, 574J(IC), 61E08, 62674997, 71411-12, .75N33, 75Z33, 75Z33A, 75Z33B, 75Z33C, .7JZ33, .7Z33, .7Z33A, .7Z33B, .7Z33C, .7Z33D, .7ZM33, .7ZM33A, .7ZM33B, .7ZM33C, .7ZM33D, .7ZM33S, 8000-00006-010, 8000-00058-005, 809-13, 8164-10, 86-94-1, 8-713-300-57, 935-6316, 93A39-40, 99201-228, 99201-278, 99202-128, 99202-228, AA10, AA10-1, AB1-35, AN155, AV10, AV2033, AVC133, AW-01-33, AW-0133, AW01-33, AWO1-33, BZ-310, BZ-320, BZ320, BZ-320LF, BZ-330, BZ488C33, BZV17C33, BZV85C33, BZX27, BZX29C33, BZX60C33, BZX65C33, BZX82C33, BZX85C33, BZY29C33, BZY92C33, CD31-00025, CD31-12032, CXL147, CXL5036, CZ33B, D1-13, D2E, D4H, D4J, DX0057, DX-0121, DX-1195, DZ33A, ECG147, ECG147A, EE5A-33G, ELP33G, EQA01-32R, EQA01-32RA, EQB01-32, EQB01-33, EZ33(ELCOM), FD-1029-GK, FZ33A, GEZD-33, GXI33G, GZ1-33G, GZB33, GZB33B, HEP609, HEP-Z0426, HEPZ0426, HEPZ0427, HS2330, HS7330, HW33, HW33A, HW33B, HZ33H, HZ33P, HZ33PB, HZ5257, IT33, JZ33B, LPM33, LPM33A, LPZT33, LR330C, LZZ1-33G, M4663, M4858, M4Z33, MA2330, MC6026, MC6026A, MC6126, MC6126A, MEZ1-33G, MTZ626A, MVS460, MZ33A, MZ500-28, NT50C33, NT5532, NT55C33, NTE147A, PTC512, RD33F, RD33FA, RD33FB, RD33FB2, RD33M, RD33RB1, RD-35A, RE130, REN147, RH-EX0033CEZZ, RH-EX0198GEZZ, RHEX0198GEZZ, RH-EX0674GEZZ, RS-35, RS-35/AWO1-33, RT-250, S5257B, SK3095, SK3095/147A, SK33V, SK33V/147A, SP3095, SV4033, SV4033A, SV54, SZ33B, TC33A5A, TM147, TM147A, TR-14002-10, TVSAN155, TVS-RD29AN, TZ33, TZ33A, TZ33B, TZ33C, UZ1-33, UZ8733, UZ8833, UZL-33, UZP-33B, VR33, VR33A, VR33B, VZ-320, VZ-320A, VZ-320B, VZ-320C, VZ-320D, VZ-320E, VZ-330, VZ-330A, VZ-330B, VZ-330C, VZ-330D, VZ-330E, VZ-340, VZ-340A, VZ-340B, VZ-340C, VZ-340D, VZ-340E, W1-330, W1-340, W2-330, W6-330, W6-340, W7-330, W7-340, W8-330, W8-340, W9-300, W9/340, WA-330A, WA-330B, WA-330C, WA-330D, WA-340, WA-340A, WA-340B, WA-340C, WA-340D, WB-330, WB-330A, WB-330B, WB-330C, WB-330D, WB-340, WB-340A, WB-340B, WB-340C, WB-340D, WC-330, WC-330A, WC-330B, WC-330C, WC-330D, WC-340, WC-340A, WC-340B, WC-340C, WC-340D, WD-330, WD-330A, WD-330B, WD-330C, WD-330D, WD-340, WD-340A, WD-340B, WD-340C, WD-340D, WE-330, WE-330A, WE-330C, WE-330D, WE-340, WE-340A, WE-340B, WE-340C, WE-340D, WEP1122, WEP609, WF-330, WF-330A, WF-330B, WF-330C, WF-330D, WF-340, WF-340A, WF-340B, WF-340C, WF-340D, WG-330, WG-330A, WG-330B, WG-330C, WG-330D, WG-340, WG-340A, WG-340B, WG-340C, WG-340D, WH-330, WH-330A, WH-330B, WH-330C, WH-330D, WH-340, WH-340A, WH-340B, WH-340C, WH-340D, WI-330A, WI-330B, WI-330C, WI-340, WI-340A, WI-340B, WI-340C, WI-340D, WJ-330, WJ-330A, WJ-330B, WJ-330C, WJ-330D, WJ-340, WJ-340A, WJ-340B, WJ-340C, WJ-340D, WK-330, WK-330A, WK-330B, WK-330C, WK-330D, WK-340, WK-340A, WK-340B, WK-340C, WK-340D, WL-330, WL-330A, WL-330B, WL-330C, WL-330D, WL-340, WL-340A, WL-340B, WL-340C, WL-340D, WM-330, WM-330A, WM-330B, WM-330C, WM-330D, WM-340, WM-340A, WM-340B, WM-340C, WM-340D, WN-330, WN-330A, WN-330B, WN-330C, WN-330D, WN-340, WN-340A, WN-340B, WN-340C, WN-340D, WO-330, WO-330A, WO-330B, WO-330C, WO-330D, WO-340, WO-340A, WO-340B, WO-340C, WO-340D, WP-330, WP-330A, WP-330B, WP-330C, WP-330D, WP-340, WP-340A, WP-340B, WP-340C, WP-340D, WQ-330, WQ-330A, WQ-330B, WQ-330C, WQ-330D, WQ-340, WQ-340A, WQ-340B, WQ-340C, WQ-340D, WR-330, WR-330A, WR-330B, WR-330C, WR-330D, WR-340, WR-340A, WR-340B, WR-340C, WR-340D, WS-330, WS-330A, WS-330B, WS-330C, WS-330D, WS-340, WS-340A, WS-340B, WS-340C, WS-340D, WT-330, WT-330A, WT-330B, WT-330C, WT-330D, WT-340, WT-340A, WT-340B, WT-340C, WT-340D, WU-330, WU-330A, WU-330B, WU-330D, WU-340, WU-340A, WU-340B, WU-340C, WU-340D, WV-330, WV-330A, WV-330B, WV-330C, WV-330D, WV-340, WV-340A, WV-340B, WV-340C, WV-340D, WW-330, WW-330A, WW-330B, WW-330C, WW-330D, WW-340, WW-340A, WW-340B, WW-340C, WW-340D, WX-330, WX-330A, WX-330B, WX-330C, WX-330D, WX-340, WX-340A, WX-340B, WX-340C, WX-340D, WY-330, WY-330A, WY-330B, WY-330C, WY-330D, WY-340, WY-340A, WY-340B, WY-340C, WY-340D, WZ33, Z0426, Z-1024, Z-1122, Z1122, Z1222, Z1B33, Z33, Z4752A, Z4B33, Z537, ZA33, ZA33A, ZA33B, ZB-1-35, ZB1-35, ZB33, ZB33A, ZB33B, ZC033, ZD033, ZD33, ZD33A, ZD33B, ZE33, ZE33A, ZE33B, ZEN512, ZF133, ZF233, ZF33, ZF33A, ZF33B, ZF33P, ZG33, ZG33A, ZG33B, ZH33, ZH33A, ZH33B, ZJ33, ZJ33A, ZJ33B, ZM33, ZM33A, ZM33B, ZO-33, ZO-33A, ZO-33B, ZOB33, ZOD33, ZP33, ZP33A, ZP33B, ZPY33, ZQ33, ZQ33A, ZQ33B, ZS33, ZS33A, ZS33B, ZT33, ZT33A, ZT33B, ZTK-33, ZU33, ZU33A, ZU33B, ZV33, ZV33A, ZV33B, ZW33, ZY33, ZY33A, ZY33B, ZZ33

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -