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300 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter - 12VDC to 120VAC


Going off grid? Preparing for the end of the world?

Building a solar powered house or trailer?

Just need to have 120VAC available in your car or truck?

This is the perfect inverter for you! It creates 300 watts of good clean 120V AC power. Just like would come out of the outlet inside of your house. And because its actually, truly Pure Sine Wave, it is far more efficient than modified or square wave inverters. It also won’t harm your sensitive digital electronics. Also, since these put out true 60Hz AC, you can use them to run your drill or anything else that has an AC motor in it.

We have extensively tested this brand and model of this inverter. We have also tested the 800 watt version too. Which we can get if you need. We currently use one of these full time on our mobile PC inventory cart inside of Vetco. It works fantastically.

Another great feature is the cooling fan on this unit only comes on when it needs to. Its NOT running all of the time. Which saves power too. It also saves the fans lifespan. Which means it also draws less dust inside the inverter too. Its all around better.

May come in either a white or black case color. If you want a specific color (white or black), ask us beforehand. We will do our best.

It comes with two 8AWG wires (Red and black).

These are stocked in the United States, right here in our retail store in Bellevue Washington State!


Click here to read the California regulatory warning.