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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE5081A
Description: ZD-24.0 V, 1 W ( 2000 in over stock )
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE5081A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-023061, 0099201-325, 02724A, 02Z24, 02Z24A, 037-250, 049, 05-933945, 06541, 066X0040-007, 070-049, 08020037, 100-525, 103-105, 103-105-01, 103-144-01, 103-248, 103-276, 103-278, 103-279-18, 103-289, 103-292, 103-301-24, 103-Z9000, 1040-9373, 1081-3624, 130-105, 13-33187-4, 13-74-6, 137655, 14001-1, 14001-1(FISHER), 142738, 143847, 1478164-3, 187-7, 1902-1184, 192-240(MAG-ZENER), 1EZ24D, 1EZ24D10, 1EZ24D5, 1EZ24T10, 1F00012, 1M24Z, 1M24Z10, 1M24Z5, 1M24ZS10, 1M24ZS5, 1N1780, 1N1780A, 1N2040, 1N2040-2, 1N3029, 1N3029A, 1N3029B, 1N3688, 1N3688A, 1N3688B, 1N4171, 1N4171A, 1N4171B, 1N4336, 1N4336A, 1N4336B, 1N4413, 1N4413A, 1N4413B, 1N4641, 1N4670, 1N4749, 1N4749A, 1N4841, 1N4841A, 1N5252B, 1N5572, 1N5572A, 1N5572B, 1N769, 1R24, 1R24A, 1R24B, 1S1169, 1S1180, 1S1775, 1S1969, 1S237, 1S2503, 1S2560, 1S3024, 1S622, 1SZ40-24, 1TA24, 1TA24A, 1TA24B, 1TA25A, 1WB-25D, 1Z24, 1Z24A, 1Z24T10, 1Z24T20, 1Z24T5, 1ZC24, 1ZC24T10, 1ZC24T5, 1ZM24T5, 1ZS24A, 223907, 23115238, 23115292, 23115328, 23115918, 2327073, 2335462, .25T23.5, .25T23.5BA, .25T24, .25T24., .25T24A, 300313009, 3597632, 3600822, 3D-702, 46-86529, 46-86529-3, 4822-130-34398, 482213034398, 4835-130-37279, 483513037279, 4835-130-37618, 483513037618, 48-82533D03, 48-84303A39, 48-86850C67, 48D82256C31, 48P83624E80, 48P83624E95, 48S137389, .4T24, .4T24A, .4T24B, 523-2003-240, 530073-1024, 530073-24, 5301921240, 530192-240, 5302250240, 530225-240, 53N001-9, 561-2560-970, 62540311, 66X0040-007, 707W00404, 71411-5, 71411-7, 72168-2, .7JZ24, .7Z24, .7Z24A, .7Z24B, .7Z24C, .7Z24D, .7ZM24, .7ZM24A, .7ZM24B, .7ZM24C, .7ZM24D, 86-113-1, 86-75-1, 86-91-1, 8-719-124-08, 8-719-906-24, 8-719-931-24, 903-344, 93A39-1, 93A39-45, 93A39-58, 93A39-8, 93B39-58, 93C39-45, 93C39-58, 93C39-8, 93D39-58, 99201-325, A1-DHZ-LAA-029, A7288504, AW01-24, B240(ZENER), B66X0040-007, BZ-230, BZ-240, BZ240, BZV17C24, BZV85C24, BZX29C24, BZX59C24, BZX64C24, BZX79/C24, BZX81C24, BZX85C24, BZY92C24, CSZ24, CXL5031, CXL5081, CZ24B, DZB24, DZB24C, ECG5081, ECG5081A, ED511918, EE5A-24, ELP24, EP16X16, EQA01-24, EQA01-24RR, EQB01-24, EQB01-24RR, EQR01-24RR, EZ24(ELCOM), GESP-1907, GEZD-24, GXI24, GZ1-24, GZB24, GZB24B, HEP-Z0423, HEPZ0423, HW24, HW24A, HZ24H, HZ24P, HZ24PB, HZ5252, JZ24B, LPM24A, LR240C, LZZ1-24, MA1240, MA2240, MC6023A, MC6123A, MEZ1-24, MTZ623A, MZ224A, .MZ24C, MZ3245, MZ424B, NT50C24, NT5529, NT55C24, NTE5081A, O2Z24A, O5Z24, QA01-25A, QA01-25R, QA01-25R-A, QA01-25RA, RD-24A, RD24F, RD24FA, RD24FB, RD24F-BS, RD24FBS, RD24M, RE128, REN5081, RH-EX0034CEZZ, S5252B, SK24V, SK24V/5081A, SK3151, SK3151/5081A, SR3AM3, SV169, SV51, SZ119, SZ24B, TM5081, TM5081A, TR14001-1, TVSQA01-25RA, TVSZB1-23, UDZ8724, UZ8724, UZ8824, UZL-24, UZP-24B, VR24, VR24A, VR24B, VZ-230, VZ-230A, VZ-230B, VZ-230C, VZ-230D, VZ-230E, VZ-240, VZ-240A, VZ-240B, VZ-240C, VZ-240D, VZ-240E, VZ-250, VZ-250A, VZ-250B, VZ-250C, VZ-250D, VZ-250E, W1-230, W1-240, W1-250, W2-230, W2-240, W2-250, W6-230, W6-240, W6-250, W7-230, W7-240, W7-250, W8-230, W8-240, W8-250, W9-230, W9-240, W9-250, WA-230, WA-230A, WA-230B, WA-230C, WA-230D, WA-240, WA-240A, WA-240B, WA-240C, WA-240D, WA-250, WA-250A, WA-250B, WA-250C, WA-250D, WB-230, WB-230A, WB-230B, WB-230C, WB-230D, WB-240, WB-240A, WB-240B, WB-240C, WB-240D, WB-250, WB-250A, WB-250B, WB-250C, WB-250D, WC-182D, WC-230, WC-230A, WC-230B, WC-230C, WC-230D, WC-240, WC-240A, WC-240B, WC-240C, WC-240D, WC-250, WC-250A, WC-250B, WC-250C, WC-250D, WD-230, WD-230A, WD-230B, WD-230C, WD-230D, WD-240, WD-240A, WD-240B, WD-240C, WD-240D, WD-250, WD-250A, WD-250B, WD-250C, WD-250D, WE-230, WE-230A, WE-230B, WE-230C, WE-230D, WE-240, WE-240A, WE-240B, WE-240C, WE-240D, WE-250, WE-250A, WE-250B, WE-250C, WE-250D, WEP1164, WF-172B, WF-172C, WF-172D, WF-177, WF-177A, WF-177B, WF-177C, WF-177D, WF-182, WF-182A, WF-182B, WF-182C, WF-182D, WF-230, WF-230A, WF-230B, WF-230C, WF-230D, WF-240, WF-240A, WF-240B, WF-240C, WF-240D, WF-250A, WF-250B, WF-250C, WF-250D, WG-230, WG-230A, WG-230B, WG-230C, WG-230D, WG-240, WG-240A, WG-240B, WG-240C, WG-240D, WG-250, WG-250A, WG-250B, WG-250C, WG-250D, WH-050, WH-050A, WH-050B, WH-050C, WH-050D, WH-052, WH-052A, WH-052B, WH-052C, WH-052D, WH-230, WH-230A, WH-230B, WH-230C, WH-230D, WH-240, WH-240A, WH-240B, WH-240C, WH-240D, WH-250, WH-250A, WH-250B, WH-250C, WH-250D, WI-230, WI-230A, WI-230B, WI-230C, WI-230D, WI-240, WI-240A, WI-240B, WI-240C, WI-240D, WI-250A, WI-250B, WI-250C, WI-250D, WJ-230, WJ-230A, WJ-230B, WJ-230C, WJ-230D, WJ-240, WJ-240A, WJ-240B, WJ-240C, WJ-240D, WJ-250, WJ-250A, WJ-250B, WJ-250C, WJ-250D, WK-230, WK-230A, WK-230B, WK-230C, WK-230D, WK-240, WK-240A, WK-240B, WK-240C, WK-240D, WK-250, WK-250A, WK-250B, WK-250C, WK-250D, WL-230, WL-230A, WL-230B, WL-230C, WL-230D, WL-240, WL-240A, WL-240B, WL-240C, WL-240D, WL-250, WL-250A, WL-250B, WL-250C, WL-250D, WM-230, WM-230A, WM-230B, WM-230C, WM-230D, WM-240, WM-240A, WM-240B, WM-240C, WM-240D, WM-250, WM-250A, WM-250B, WM-250C, WM-250D, WN-230, WN-230A, WN-230B, WN-230C, WN-230D, WN-240, WN-240A, WN-240B, WN-240C, WN-240D, WN-250, WN-250A, WN-250B, WN-250C, WN-250D, WO-230, WO-230A, WO-230B, WO-230C, WO-230D, WO-240, WO-240A, WO-240B, WO-240C, WO-240D, WO-250, WO-250A, WO-250B, WO-250C, WO-250D, WP-230, WP-230A, WP-230B, WP-230C, WP-230D, WP-240, WP-240A, WP-240B, WP-240C, WP-240D, WP-250, WP-250A, WP-250B, WP-250C, WP-250D, WQ-230, WQ-230A, WQ-230B, WQ-230C, WQ-230D, WQ-240, WQ-240A, WQ-240B, WQ-240C, WQ-240D, WQ-250, WQ-250A, WQ-250B, WQ-250C, WQ-250D, WR-230, WR-230A, WR-230B, WR-230C, WR-230D, WR-240, WR-240A, WR-240B, WR-240C, WR-240D, WR-250, WR-250A, WR-250B, WR-250C, WR-250D, WS-230, WS-230A, WS-230B, WS-230C, WS-230D, WS-240, WS-240A, WS-240B, WS-240C, WS-240D, WS-250, WS-250A, WS-250B, WS-250C, WS-250D, WT-230, WT-230A, WT-230B, WT-230C, WT-230D, WT-240, WT-240A, WT-240B, WT-240C, WT-240D, WT-250, WT-250A, WT-250B, WT-250C, WT-250D, WU-230, WU-230A, WU-230B, WU-230C, WU-230D, WU-240, WU-240A, WU-240B, WU-240C, WU-240D, WU-250, WU-250A, WU-250B, WU-250C, WU-250D, WV-230, WV-230A, WV-230B, WV-230C, WV-230D, WV-240, WV-240A, WV-240B, WV-240C, WV-240D, WV-250, WV-250A, WV-250B, WV-250C, WV-250D, WW-230, WW-230A, WW-230B, WW-230C, WW-230D, WW-240, WW-240A, WW-240B, WW-240C, WW-240D, WW-250, WW-250A, WW-250B, WW-250C, WW-250D, WX-230, WX-230A, WX-230B, WX-230C, WX-230D, WX-240, WX-240A, WX-240B, WX-240C, WX-240D, WX-250, WX-250A, WX-250B, WX-250C, WX-250D, WY-230, WY-230A, WY-230B, WY-230C, WY-230D, WY-240, WY-240A, WY-240B, WY-240C, WY-250, WY-250B, WY-250C, WY-250D, WZ-240, WZ240, Z0423, Z1B24, Z4749A, Z4B24, ZA24B, ZB1-23, ZB24, ZB24A, ZB24B, ZC024, ZD24, ZD24-1L, ZD24B, ZF124, ZF224, ZF24, ZF24P, ZH24B, ZM24, ZM24A, ZM24B, ZPY24, ZR50921-1, ZW24, ZY24

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -