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  1. Extra Large Series Microphone Connector Spec Sheet (PDF)

Product Description

2 Pin Mic Connector Male/Female Pair - Extra Large - 20A 300V HEAVY DUTY GX25 M25-2P

Need a heavy-duty connector for your power application?

This is an AMAZING connector. We can't overstate how nice they are. They are perfect for high amperage 120/250V AC applications. Just make sure you don't use the male chassis for power output, only input. Otherwise, you may have dangerously exposed male pins that are live with power. But that rule goes for any connector being used for power. The male chassis mount pins are SOLID metal. not split or hollow. These are very high quality!

Specifications: (All size measurements are rough.)

Rating Type: Rating Value: Notes:
Contact Voltage Rating: 300V AC or DC Not rated for connections on live circuits.
Contact Amperage Rating: 20A  
Contact Wire Size: Up to 12AWG (You my be able to fit some types of 10AWG. 10 AWG fits these 2 pin connectors better than the 4 pin connectors)
Maximum internal diameter of the solder cups: The  is about: 0.110 inches (2.80mm)  
Mounting hole diameter for recessed portion of the chassis male:  0.978 inches (24.84mm)  
Overall chassis mount flange diameter: 1.649 inches (41.90mm)  
Chassis male connector flange mounting hole centers distance (from each other): 1.089 inches (27.89mm)  
Chassis male connector mounting hole diameter: 0.136 inches (3.47mm)  
Chassis male connector recessed portion depth (including solder cups): 0.719 inches (18.27mm)  
Chassis male connector overall depth (including solder cups and threads): 1.059 inches (26.91mm)  
Chassis male connector and female inline contact spacing (from centers): 0.407 inches (10.35mm)  
Electrical pin diameter: 0.136 inches (3.45mm)  
Female inline connector (black plastic portion) diameter: 0.821 inches (20.56mm)  
Female inline connector overall length (including black plastic portion): 2.006 inches (50.97mm)  
Female inline connector maximum diameter (including thread ring): 1.095 inches (27.82mm)  
Female inline connector maximum overall insertable cable diameter at the rear where the cable clamp is: 0.442 inches (11.25mm) You may be able to fit larger cable if the insulation is soft enough. SOOW cord is a great example.
Female inline connector Minimum overall insertable cable diameter that the cable clamp can grab on to is roughly: 0.347 inches (8.81mm) You can use much smaller diameter cable, but the cable clamp at the rear just won't be able to clamp on to it. You can always use things like electrical tape or heatshrink to increase your cable diameter.
Included chassis mounting screws maximum overall length: 0.473 inches (12.02mm)  
Included chassis mounting screws actual useful length once used with the chassis mount connector: 0.332 inches (8.45mm) This is essentially the maximum panel thickness the included screws will work with. You can always buy longer screws.
Polarity Keying: Yes, all keyed alike. To prevent incorrect/reverse polarity insertion.
Internal electrical contact connection type: Solder Cup  

Included with these is a nice rubber cap to protect the male chassis mount connector. You also get screws, washers and nuts (3 of each) for mounting the male chassis connector.

Currently we are not able to get a male inline connector for these. And currently we are not able to sell the connectors separately.

Included in the package is:

-1 Female Inline Connector

-1 Male Chassis Mount Connector

-3 Screws

-3 Washers

-3 Nuts

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.