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170-Point Mini Breadboard, Red

Part number: VUPN6671
This mini breadboard is perfect for small portable circuits. It also works well as a platform for re-usable circuit modules; suppose, for instance, that you find yourself repeatedly assembling on your big breadboard the same little array of LED indicators with resistors and a logic gate, only to have to rip it up and re-assemble it for the next project. Why not consolidate that collection of parts onto this mini breadboard as a re-usable module that you can whip out and plug into larger projects as needed?

Locking tabs allow moultiple of these boards to latch together to form a larger panel. The adhesive foam backing will anchor this board to any surface, or, for an adhesive-free mounting, stick a button-head M2 machine screw through each of the two mount holes.

This breadboard is red.

Product condition: New