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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE5075A
Description: ZD-16.0 V, 1 W
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE5075A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-023038, 001-223038, 02Z16A, 048(ZENER), 05-933950, 05Z16, 070-048, 09-306243, 09-306268, 09-306324, 103-231, 103-279-25, 123B-006, 13-14879-5, 134883461501, 134883461507, 142-015, 152-057-9-001, 1520579001, 16N2, 173-15, 1902-1178, 192-160(MAG-ZENER), 1966B, 1EZ16D, 1EZ16D10, 1EZ16D5, 1EZ16T10, 1M16Z, 1M16Z10, 1M16Z5, 1M16ZS10, 1M16ZS5, 1MZ10, 1N1776, 1N1776A, 1N2038, 1N2038-2, 1N3025, 1N3025A, 1N3025B, 1N3684, 1N3684A, 1N3684B, 1N4167, 1N4167A, 1N4167B, 1N4332, 1N4332A, 1N4332B, 1N4409, 1N4409A, 1N4409B, 1N4637, 1N4666, 1N4745, 1N4745(A), 1N4745A, 1N4837, 1N4837A, 1N5246B, 1N5568, 1N5568A, 1N5568B, 1N5569B, 1N5574B, 1N600KB, 1N767-2, 1N966B-F, 1NK862B, 1R16, 1R161R16B, 1R16A, 1R16B, 1S1167, 1S1178, 1S1191, 1S1380, 1S1380A, 1S1395, 1S1395A, 1S1411, 1S1411R, 1S143, 1S1965, 1S2122A, 1S231, 1S2499, 1S2556, 1S3016(ZENER), 1S620, 1SZ40-16, 1TA16, 1TA16A, 1TA16B, 1Z16, 1Z16A, 1Z16T10, 1Z16T20, 1Z16T5, 1ZC16, 1ZC16T10, 1ZC16T5, 1ZC1LT10, 1ZM16T5, 1ZS16A, 2000-312, 2000-326, 2120-17, 21A037-017, 2327077, 2337065, 2436-17, 2460-17, 246017, 2573-17, 257317, .25T15.8, .25T15.8A, .25T16, .25T16A, 264P10906, 27092(H.-KARDON), 27092(H.KARDON), 318213, 337-06021, 3598244, 3599012, 3L4-3506-40, 4111131, 42027092, 4835-130-37501, 483513037501, 48-83461E01, 48-83461E07, 48-83624E03, 48D83461E01, 48P83624E28, 48P83624E93, .4M16Z5, .4T16, .4T16A, .4T16B, 5001-143, 523-2003-160, 530073-1015, 530073-15, 530073-26, 5301921160, 530192-160, 5330602, 561-2557-191, 56-36, .5M16ZS5, 61E01, 61E07, .72M16A, 73-17, .7JZ16, .7Z16, .7Z16A, .7Z16B, .7Z16C, .7Z16D, .7ZM16, .7ZM16A, .7ZM16B, .7ZM16C, .7ZM16D, 800-028-00, 86-93-1, 8-719-103-16, 8-719-931-16, 919-003309-3, 93A39-50, 99202-221, A1-DHZ-LAA-063, AW01-16, AZ-157, AZ-162, BZ-157, BZ-162, BZ162, BZV17C16, BZV85C16, BZX29C16, BZX59C16, BZX64C16, BZX81C16, BZX85C16, BZY92C16, CXL5075, CZ16B, DDAY009003, DDAY009007, DX-0069, DZ1621, DZB16, DZB16C, EA16X164, ECG5075, ECG5075A, EDZ-11, EE5A-162, EP162, EQB01-16, EZ16(ELCOM), GEZD-16, GXI161, GZ1-161, GZB16, HEP-Z0419, HS2165, HW16, HW16A, HZ16, HZ16H, HZ5246, JZ16B, KS160A, KS2160A, LR160C, LZZ1-161, MA1160, MA2160, MA2160B, MC6019A, MC6119A, MEZ1-162, MTZ619A, MZ1016, MZ416B, NT50C16, NT5525, NT55C16, NTE5075A, O2Z16A, O5Z16, PD6019A, PD6060, PS10025B, PS10069, PS8918, QD-ZBZ162XJ, RD16A-N, RD16B, RD16C-Y, RD16E-M, RD16E-N, RD16E-N2, RD16E-N3, RD16FB1, RD16M, RE122, REN5075, RH-EX0419GEZZ, RT-246, S5246B, SK16V, SK16V/5075A, SK3142, SK3751, SK3751/5075A, SV139, SV47, SZ16, SZ16B, SZ-200-16, TM5075, TM5075A, TVSEQA01-06S, TVSZB1-15, UZ1-164, UZ8716, UZ8816, UZL-163, UZP-16B, VHEMTZJ160A-1, VR16B, W1-157, W1-162, W1-167, W2-157, W2-167, W6-157, W6-162, W6-167, W7-157, W7-162, W7-167, W8-157, W8-162, W8-167, WA-157, WA-157A, WA-157B, WA-157C, WA-157D, WA-162, WA-162A, WA-162B, WA-162C, WA-162D, WA-167, WA-167A, WA-167B, WA-167C, WA-167D, WB-157, WB-157A, WB-157B, WB-157C, WB-157D, WB-162, WB-162A, WB-162B, WB-162C, WB-162D, WB-167, WB-167A, WB-167B, WB-167C, WB-167D, WC-157, WC-157A, WC-157B, WC-157C, WC-157D, WC-162, WC-162A, WC-162B, WC-162C, WC-162D, WC-167, WC-167A, WC-167B, WC-167C, WC-167D, WD-157, WD-157A, WD-157B, WD-157C, WD-157D, WD-162, WD-162A, WD-162B, WD-162C, WD-162D, WD-167, WD-167A, WD-167B, WD-167C, WD-167D, WE-157, WE-157A, WE-157B, WE-157C, WE-157D, WE-162, WE-162A, WE-162B, WE-162C, WE-162D, WE-167, WE-167A, WE-167B, WE-167C, WE-167D, WEP1160, WF-157, WF-157A, WF-157B, WF-157C, WF-157D, WF-162, WF-162A, WF-162B, WF-162C, WF-162D, WF-167, WF-167A, WF-167B, WF-167C, WF-167D, WG-157, WG-157A, WG-157B, WG-157C, WG-157D, WG-162, WG-162A, WG-162B, WG-162C, WG-162D, WG-167, WG-167A, WG-167B, WG-167C, WG-167D, WH-157, WH-157A, WH-157B, WH-157C, WH-157D, WH-162, WH-162A, WH-162B, WH-162C, WH-162D, WH-167, WH-167A, WH-167B, WH-167C, WI-157, WI-157A, WI-157B, WI-157C, WI-157D, WI-162, WI-162A, WI-162B, WI-162C, WI-162D, WI-167, WI-167A, WI-167B, WI-167C, WI-167D, WJ-157, WJ-157A, WJ-157B, WJ-157C, WJ-157D, WJ-162, WJ-162A, WJ-162B, WJ-162C, WJ-162D, WJ-167, WJ-167A, WJ-167B, WJ-167C, WJ-167D, WK-157, WK-157A, WK-157B, WK-157C, WK-157D, WK-162, WK-162A, WK-162B, WK-162C, WK-162D, WK-167, WK-167A, WK-167B, WK-167C, WK-167D, WL-157, WL-157A, WL-157B, WL-157C, WL-157D, WL-162, WL-162A, WL-162B, WL-162C, WL-162D, WL-167, WL-167A, WL-167B, WL-167C, WL-167D, WM-157, WM-157A, WM-157B, WM-157C, WM-157D, WM-162, WM-162A, WM-162B, WM-162C, WM-162D, WM-167, WM-167A, WM-167B, WM-167C, WM-167D, WN-157, WN-157A, WN-157B, WN-157C, WN-157D, WN-162, WN-162A, WN-162B, WN-162C, WN-162D, WN-167, WN-167A, WN-167B, WN-167C, WN-167D, WN-170D, WO-157, WO-157A, WO-157B, WO-157C, WO-157D, WO-162, WO-162A, WO-162B, WO-162C, WO-162D, WO-167, WO-167A, WO-167B, WO-167C, WO-167D, WP-157, WP-157A, WP-157B, WP-157C, WP-157D, WP-162, WP-162A, WP-162B, WP-162C, WP-162D, WP-167, WP-167A, WP-167B, WP-167C, WP-167D, WQ-157, WQ-157A, WQ-157B, WQ-157C, WQ-157D, WQ-162, WQ-162A, WQ-162B, WQ-162C, WQ-162D, WQ-167, WQ-167A, WQ-167B, WQ-167C, WQ-167D, WR-157, WR-157A, WR-157B, WR-157C, WR-157D, WR-162, WR-162A, WR-162B, WR-162C, WR-162D, WR-167, WR-167A, WR-167B, WR-167C, WR-167D, WS-157, WS-157A, WS-157B, WS-157C, WS-157D, WS-162, WS-162A, WS-162B, WS-162C, WS-162D, WS-167, WS-167A, WS-167B, WS-167C, WS-167D, WT-157, WT-157A, WT-157B, WT-157C, WT-157D, WT-162, WT-162A, WT-162B, WT-162C, WT-162D, WT-167, WT-167A, WT-167B, WT-167C, WT-167D, WU-157, WU-157A, WU-157B, WU-157C, WU-157D, WU-162, WU-162A, WU-162B, WU-162C, WU-162D, WU-167, WU-167A, WU-167B, WU-167C, WU-167D, WV-157, WV-157A, WV-157B, WV-157C, WV-157D, WV-162, WV-162A, WV-162B, WV-162C, WV-162D, WV-167, WV-167A, WV-167B, WV-167C, WV-167D, WW-157, WW-157A, WW-157B, WW-157C, WW-157D, WW-162, WW-162A, WW-162B, WW-162C, WW-162D, WW-167, WW-167A, WW-167B, WW-167C, WW-167D, WX-157, WX-157A, WX-157B, WX-157C, WX-157D, WX-162, WX-162A, WX-162B, WX-162C, WX-162D, WX-167, WX-167A, WX-167B, WX-167C, WX-167D, WY-157B, WY-157C, WY-157D, WY-162, WY-162A, WY-162B, WY-162C, WY-162D, WY-167, WY-167A, WY-167B, WY-167C, WY-167D, Z0419, Z1B16, Z4745A, Z4B16, Z4XL16, Z4XL16B, ZA16B, ZB1-16, ZB1-16V, ZB16, ZB16A, ZB16B, ZB215, ZC016, ZD16, ZD16B, ZF116, ZF16, ZF16P, ZF216, ZH115, ZH16B, ZM16, ZM16A, ZP16, ZPY16, ZR215, ZW16, ZY16

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -