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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE145A
Description: ZD-15.0 V, 1 W ( 9700 in over stock )
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE145A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-023026, 001-023028, 001-02303-4, 001-023034, 001-223026, 001-223028, 001-223034, 003-009100, 029-HD, 029-MR, 02Z15, 02Z15A, 05Z15-X, 06200059, 06510, 070-021, 08-08120, 09-306024(ZENER), 09-306110(ZENER), 09-306367, 1006-1737, 1015, 1029-MR, 103-136, 103-51-19A, 103-Z9013, 1140-3404, 1140-3409, 115Z4, 125852, 126582, 126852, 127382, 129946, 130761, 130762, 13-14879-1, 13-14879-3, 13-33179-2, 134444, 13-4882256-314, 13-4882256-359, 134882256359, 137-759, 14002-12, 14002-12(FISHER), 14002-2, 14002-2(FISHER), 140973, 141613, 14-515-07, 14-515-09, 14-515-11, 14-515-73, 1473777-2, 1474717-2, 1474777-002, 1474777-13, 1474777-18, 1474777-2, 1477046-1, 1477080-501, 1477081-501, 1/4A15, 1/4A15A, 1/4A15B, 1/4M15Z10, 1/4Z15D10, 1/4Z15D5, 150D, 156468, 156945, 15B3, 161871, 171092-1, 175344, 179-2(SYL), 188232, 1888232, 1902-1177, 192-150(MAG-ZENER), 1945295A1, 1A15M, 1A15MA, 1AC15, 1AC15A, 1AC15B, 1C15Z, 1C15ZA, 1D08, 1DAZ3404B, 1E15Z, 1E15Z10, 1E15Z5, 1EZ15, 1EZ15D, 1EZ15D10, 1EZ15D5, 1EZ15T10, 1F00078, 1M15Z, 1M15Z10, 1M15Z5, 1M15ZS10, 1M15ZS5, 1N1427, 1N1514, 1N1514A, 1N1525, 1N1525A, 1N1775, 1N1775A, 1N1878, 1N1878A, 1N1934A, 1N1934B, 1N1988A, 1N1988B, 1N2038-1, 1N2038A, 1N3024, 1N3024A, 1N3024B, 1N3436, 1N3448, 1N3683, 1N3683A, 1N3683B, 1N4166, 1N4166A, 1N4166B, 1N4331, 1N4331A, 1N4331B, 1N4408, 1N4408A, 1N4408B, 1N4636, 1N4665, 1N4744, 1N4744A, 1N4836, 1N4836A, 1N5567, 1N5567A, 1N5567B, 1N666, 1N718B, 1N767-1, 1R15, 1R15A, 1R15B, 1S1177, 1S137, 1S1740, 1S1772, 1S1964, 1S2121, 1S2121A, 1S230, 1S301.5, 1S3016, 1S597, 1S697, 1S990S, 1S990S(ZENER), 1S990(ZENER), 1SZ40-15, 1T15, 1T15B, 1T19-15B, 1T19-15D, 1TA15, 1TA15A, 1WB-15D, 1Z15, 1Z15A, 1Z15B, 1Z15C, 1Z15D, 1Z15D10, 1Z15D5, 1Z15T10, 1Z15T20, 1Z15T5, 1ZB15, 1ZB15B, 1ZC15, 1ZC15T10, 1ZC15T5, 1ZF15T10, 1ZF15T20, 1ZF15T5, 1ZM15T10, 1ZM15T20, 1ZM15T5, 1ZS15A, 1ZT15, 1ZT15B, 2055-121, 215Z4, 22-0150, 2247-6, 232-0009-11, 233150, 2337787, 237787, 2396-17, 2421T1Z1500, .25N15, 25N15, .25T15, .25T15A, .25T15B, 264P04003, 264P10308, 264P488080, 28Z6, 28Z6A, 28Z6AF, 28Z6F, 309395, 3100017, 337-06007, 337-06013, 34-8057-12, 3599483, 3777-2(RCA), 3L4-3506-29, 3L4R3506-30, 3L4R3506-57, 4-2020-12700, 4202012700, 4202970330, 46-00000-0, 46-862611-3, 46-86464-3, 4777-13(RCA), 4777-18(RCA), 4777-2(RCA), 4800155330, 4800155349, 4800155349(11), 48-155104, 48-155263, 48-155330, 4835-130-37101, 483513037101, 4835-130-37664, 483513037664, 48-82256C59, 48-86850C64, 489752-041, 48C82256C14, 48D82533D02, 48S00155330, 48S137017, 48S137330, 48S155104, 48S155263, 48S155330, .4T15, .4T15B, 50Z15, 50Z15A, 50Z15B, 50Z15C, 5124, 5224, 5224(ZENER), 523-2003-150, 523-2503-150, 5300073-15, 530073-1017, 530073-12, 530073-17, 530073-9, 5301921150, 530192-150, 540-030, 540-036, 5490307-P4, 561-2597-440, 561-2597-441, 56-25, 56C14, 62-130761, 62-130762, 62166916, 62-20643, 62746483, 642-255, 66X0040-009, 690V081H92, 7046-1(RCA), 7081-501(RCA), 71411-10, 73-15, .75N15, .75N5, 75N5, 75Z15, 75Z15A, 75Z15B, 75Z15C, 78-271383-3, 78-271383-4, .7JZ15, .7Z14A, .7Z14B, .7Z14C, .7Z15, .7Z15A, .7Z15B, .7Z15D, .7ZM15, .7ZM15A, .7ZM15B, .7ZM15C, .7ZM15D, 810051-000, 8-719-931-15, 879-1(SYL), 879-3(SYL), 8-905-421-128, 8-905-421-239, 8-905-421-715, 935-6312, 93A39-24, 93C39-24, 96-5110-02, 96-5110-03, 96-5248-06, 99201-120, 99201-221, 99202-22, A04166-2, A1-DHZ-LAA-040, A1-DHZ-LAA-042, AO4166-2, AV-2015, AV2015, AW01-15, AZ-145, AZ-15, AZ15, AZ-150, B150(ZENER), B-6002, BZ-145, BZ-150, BZ150, BZV17C15, BZV85C15, BZX15V, BZ-X19, BZX19, BZX29C15, BZX-46C15, BZX59C15, BZX64C15, BZX-71C15, BZX-79C15, BZX81C15, BZX85C15, BZY-83C15, BZY83/C15, BZY83/C16, BZY83C16, BZY-83D15, BZY83/D15, BZY85/C15, BZY85/D15, BZY92/C15, BZY92C15, BZY94/C15, C4020(ZENER), CD31-00017, CD31-10365, CD31-12024, CXL145, CXL5024, CZ15B, CZD015, CZD015-5, D1Z, D1ZBLU, D1ZYEL, D5B, D9011502B, D9J011502B, DHD805(ZENER), DX-0551(ZENER), DZ15A, DZB15, DZB15C, EA16X124, EA16X96, EAD00-15100, EB16X52, ECG145, ECG145A, ED0039, EE5A-15, ELP14, ELP15, EP16X15(ZENER), EP16X5, EP16X52, EP16X68, EPX68, EQB01-15, EQB01-15M, EQB01-15Z, EQB01-15ZB, EVR15, EVR15A, EVR15B, EW16X561, EW16X68, EZ150, EZ15(ELCOM), FA8009, FA8010, FA8011, FA8012, FD-1029-MR, FZ15A, FZ15T10, FZ15T5, G15T10, G15T20, GESP-1903, GEZD-15, GT15T5, GXI15, GZ1-15, GZB15, HD3001109, HEP607, HEPZ0225, HEPZ0417, HEP-Z0418, HEPZ0418, HEPZ0419, HM15B, HS2150, HS7150, HW15, HW15A, HW15B, HZ15, HZ15H, HZ15P, HZ5245, IDAZ3404B, IP20-0018, J337-009003, JZ15B, KS150A, KS150B, KS2150A, KS2150B, KS46, KS46AF, KS46BF, LPM15, LPM15A, LPZT15, LR150C, LR150CH, LZZ1-15, M15Z, M4Z15, M4Z15-20, M4Z15A, MA2150, MC6018, MC6018A, MC6118, MC6118A, MEZ1-15, MEZ15T10, MEZ15T10C, MEZ15T5, MEZ-15T5A, MR150C-H, MTZ618, MTZ618A, MZ1000-17, MZ15A, MZ15T20, MZ414C, MZ500-20, MZ92-15A, NT50C15, NT5524, NTE145A, O2Z15A, O5Z15, OZ15T10, OZ15T5, P38103/507-10, PA8261, PD-6018, PD6018, PD-6018A, PD6018A, PD-6059, PD6059, PR-620, PR620, PS10024B, PS-10068, PS10068, PS-8917, PS8917, PTC509, QA01-07R, QB01-15ZB, QB115ZB, QB115ZBV, QZ1575, QZ-15T10, QZ15T10, QZ-15T5, QZ15T5, R2E, RD-15E, RD15E, RD15F, RD15F1, RD15FA, RD15FB, RD15FB3, RD15FM, RD15FMZ, RD15M, RD15S, RD-16H, RD16H, RD-16HA, RE121, REN145, RH-EX0417GEZZ, RS564, RT-245, RT3671, RT3671A, RVRD12FB, RZ15A, RZ-15AB, RZZ156, S5245B, SK15V, SK15V/145A, SK3063, SK3063/145A, SP3063, SP3096(ZENER), SU5, SV1020, SV-1020A, SV138, SV-138A, SV4015, SV-4015A, SV4015A, SV46, SVDMZ414C, SZ15, SZ-150, SZ15.0, SZ150, SZ-15B, SZ15B, SZ-200-15, SZ-200-15A, SZ961-B, TM145, TM145A, TN55C15, TR125B, TR14002-12, TR14002-2, TVSEQB01-15, TVSQA01-07R, TVSQA01-15RB, TVSQB01-15ZB, TVSQB115ZB, TVSQB115ZBV, TVSRD15FM, TVSRD15FMZ, TVS-ZB1-15, TZ15, TZ-15A, TZ15A, TZ-15AB, TZ15B, TZ-15BC, TZ-15C, TZ15C, UDZ8715, UZ1-15, UZ15, UZ-15C, UZ8715, UZ8815, UZL-15, UZP-15B, UZP15B, V126, V-1266, VR-14, VR15, VR15A, VR15B, VZP-15B, W1-150, W2-150, W6-150, W7-150, W8-150, W9-150, WA-150, WA-150A, WA-150B, WA-150C, WA-150D, WB-150, WB-150A, WB-150B, WB-150C, WB-150D, WC-150, WC-150A, WC-150B, WC-150C, WC-150D, WD-150B, WD-150C, WD-150D, WE-150, WE-150A, WE-150B, WE-150C, WE-150D, WEP1114, WEP607, WF-061, WF-061A, WF-061B, WF-061C, WF-061D, WF-063, WF-063A, WF-063B, WF-063C, WF-063D, WF-065, WF-065A, WF-065B, WF-065C, WF-065D, WF-150, WF-150A, WF-150B, WF-150C, WF-150D, WG-150, WG-150A, WG-150B, WG-150C, WG-150D, WH-150, WH-150A, WH-150B, WH-150C, WH-150D, WI-150, WI-150A, WI-150B, WI-150C, WI-150D, WJ-150, WJ-150A, WJ-150B, WJ-150C, WJ-150D, WK-150, WK-150A, WK-150B, WK-150C, WK-150D, WL-150, WL-150A, WL-150B, WL-150C, WL-150D, WM-150, WM-150A, WM-150B, WM-150C, WM-150D, WN-150, WN-150A, WN-150B, WN-150C, WN-150D, WO-150, WO-150A, WO-150B, WO-150C, WO-150D, WP-150, WP-150A, WP-150B, WP-150C, WP-150D, WQ-150, WQ-150A, WQ-150B, WQ-150C, WQ-150D, WR-150, WR-150A, WR-150B, WR-150C, WR-150D, WS-150, WS-150A, WS-150B, WS-150C, WS-150D, WT-150, WT-150A, WT-150B, WT-150C, WT-150D, WU-150, WU-150A, WU-150B, WU-150C, WU-150D, WW-150, WW-150A, WW-150B, WW-150C, WW-150D, WX-150, WX-150A, WX-150B, WX-150C, WX-150D, WY-150, WY-150A, WY-150B, WY-150C, WY-150D, WZ140, WZ15, WZ-150, WZ150, WZ-538, WZ538, WZ-920, WZ920, XB152, XZ-150, XZ-152, XZ152, Z0225, Z0418, Z0B-15, Z0B15, Z0C-15, Z0C15, Z0D-15, Z0D15, Z-1016, Z-1016A, Z-1114, Z1114, Z1114-C, Z1214, Z-15, Z15, Z-15K, Z15K, Z1B-15, Z1B15, Z1C-15, Z1C15, Z1D-15, Z1D15, Z2A-150F, Z2A150F, Z4744A, Z4B-15, Z4B15, Z4X-15, Z4X15, Z5B-15, Z5B15, Z5C-15, Z5C15, Z5D-15, Z5D15, ZA15, ZA15A, ZA-15B, ZA15B, ZA15V, ZA27B, ZB1-15, ZB13A, ZB15, ZB-15A, ZB15A, ZB15B, ZC-015, ZC015, ZC115, ZD-015, ZD015, ZD-15, ZD15 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZD-15A, ZD15A, ZD-15B, ZD15B, ZE-15, ZE15, ZE-15A, ZE15A, ZE-15B, ZE15B, ZEN508, ZF115, ZF-15, ZF15 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF-15A, ZF15A, ZF-15B, ZF15B, ZF15P, ZF-16, ZF215, ZG100119, ZG-15, ZG15, ZG15A, ZG-15B, ZG15B, ZH-15, ZH15, ZH-15A, ZH15A, ZH-15B, ZH15B, ZJ-15, ZJ15, ZJ-15A, ZJ15A, ZJ-15B, ZJ15B, ZM15, ZM15A, ZM15B, ZO-15, ZO-15A, ZO-15AC, ZO-15B, ZO-15BY, ZOB-15, ZOB15, ZOD-15, ZOD15, ZP-15, ZP15, ZP-15A, ZP15A, ZP-15B, ZP15B, ZPY15, ZQ-15, ZQ15, ZQ-15A, ZQ15A, ZQ-15B, ZQ15B, ZQ15X, ZR50B921-3, ZS15, ZS-15A, ZS15A, ZS-15B, ZS15B, ZT-15, ZT15, ZT-15A, ZT15A, ZT-15B, ZT15B, ZU-15, ZU15, ZU-15A, ZU15A, ZU-15B, ZU15B, ZV-15, ZV15, ZV-15A, ZV15A, ZV-15B, ZV15B, ZW15, ZY-15, ZY15, ZY-15A, ZY15A, ZY-15B, ZY15B, ZZ-15, ZZ15

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