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12 LED Bar Graph Module
Manufacturer Part Number: BL-C40/8W3GY1C

This column of LEDs would make a great audio level display. Starting from one end of the bar, there are 8 green LEDs, 3 yellow LEDs and 1 red LED. Each LED illuminates two segments which enhances the display's perceived resolution. It can easily be driven with the NTE1549 (logarithmic) or NTE1508 (Linear) LED Bar Graph Drivers, all though these support 10 LEDs each, but there are ways around this limitation.

Unfortunately, the LEDs in this bar graph are NOT spaced on 0.1" increments, making this module non-breadboard friendly. That being said, it would be easy to use our 2 pin 0.1" BLS series connectors to connect to each individual LED in the module. Overall Dimensions: 46.27mm Tall x 6.54mm Wide x 8mm High

The illuminated picture below shows this module being driven at 6VDC with a 40Ohm resistor to limit the current.

Other potential uses could be as part of a battery power meter, signal strength indicator or a low-current draw Chevy Volt range display (for those who hyper-mile).
QTY: 1 x 12 LED Bar Graph Module

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