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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE142A
Description: ZD-12.0 V, 1 W (2690 in overstock)
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE142A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
0003-009700, 001-023037, 003-009200, 003-009700, 003-010000, 003114, 004887, 029-GA, 029-GC, 02X12GR, 0330302, 03-933943, 05-933943, 05Z12Y, 06200058, 06200127, 06200168, 06507, 09-306179, 09-306391, 0A126/12, 0A12612, 0AZ213, 0Z12T10, 0Z12T5, 1000-2640, 1002-4404, 1029-GA, 103-00279-21A, 1030027921A, 103-00472A, 10300472A, 103-158, 103-279-21, 1033, 103-409, 103-475A, 103475A, 103-Z9003, 1048-9854, 1060-9568, 1063-3584, 11115030, 120504, 125126, 1266-2326, 12B1, 12B1(1-WATT), 12B1(1WATT), 12B(1WATT), 12B2, 12B2(ZENER), 12B3(ZENER-1WATT), 12C5Y, 12M12T5, 12SZ-EQB01-12A, 12V, 13-0033179-006, 13-0033179-014, 130328, 130380, 13-14879-2, 1321-1461, 132416, 132865, 13-33179-14, 13-33179-6, 1346-8970, 134882256354, 13-55332-1, 14-000515-75, 14002-6, 14002-6(FISHER), 1411-135, 141429, 141581, 142134, 1444875-1, 144-7013-01, 14-509-01, 14-515-01, 14-515-03, 14-515-25, 1474777-1, 1477046-004, 147704-6-4, 1477046-4, 1/4A12, 1/4A12A, 1/4A12B, 1/4Z12T5, 150363, 152-039, 152-039-9-001, 160, 165358, 16Z4, 1766, 178640, 178645, 179-14(SYL)(ZENER), 179-14(SYL-ZENER), 179-6(SYL), 18-085002, 1902-1174, 192-1120, 192-1120(NAP-ZENER), 192-120, 192-120(MAG-ZENER), 1A12M, 1A12MA, 1AC12, 1AC12A, 1AC12B, 1B759, 1C12Z, 1C12ZA, 1DAZ3403B, 1DZ12, 1E12Z, 1E12Z10, 1E12Z5, 1E2Z5, 1EZ12, 1EZ12D, 1EZ12D10, 1EZ12D5, 1EZ12T10, 1F00037, 1M12Z, 1M12Z10, 1M12Z5, 1M12ZS10, 1M12ZS5, 1MJJ12, 1MJJ12A, 1N1426, 1N1513, 1N1513A, 1N1524, 1N1524A, 1N1713, 1N1773, 1N1773A, 1N1877, 1N1877A, 1N1960A, 1N2037-1, 1N2037A, 1N3022, 1N3022A, 1N3022B, 1N3435, 1N3447, 1N3537, 1N3681, 1N3681A, 1N3681B, 1N4106A, 1N4164, 1N4164A, 1N4164B, 1N4329, 1N4329A, 1N4329B, 1N4406, 1N4406A, 1N4406B, 1N4634, 1N4663, 1N4742, 1N4742A, 1N4834, 1N4834A, 1N4896, 1N4896A, 1N5565, 1N5565A, 1N5565B, 1N5858A, 1N5858B, 1N665, 1N716B, 1N716(ZENER), 1R12, 1R12A, 1R12B, 1S141, 1S1739, 1S1962, 1S2119, 1S2119A, 1S2127, 1S2138, 1S2196, 1S2496, 1S2553, 1S3012, 1S337A, 1S337E, 1S337-Y, 1S337Y, 1S696, 1SZ40-12, 1T12, 1T12A, 1T12B, 1TA12, 1TA12A, 1Z12, 1Z12A, 1Z12B, 1Z12C, 1Z12T10, 1Z12T20, 1Z12T5, 1ZB12, 1ZB12B, 1ZC12, 1ZC12T10, 1ZC12T20, 1ZC12T5, 1ZD12, 1ZF12T10, 1ZF12T20, 1ZF12T5, 1ZM12T10, 1ZM12T20, 1ZM12T5, 1ZS12A, 1ZT12, 1ZT12B, 200157, 2002209-10, 2012230109, 2012230312, 2093A39-12, 2093A41-56, 2093A41-60, 2093A80-1, 21A037-003, 21A037-008, 220637, 223918, 224780, 23115919, 232-0009-31, 232-0030, 2327071, 2330241, 2331152, 2337101, 2337783, 253-14(MAG-ZENER), 253-6(MAG-ZENER), .25T12, .25T12A, .25T12B, 25Z6, 25Z6A, 25Z6AF, 25Z6F, 264P03303, 264P09301, 264P11004, 264P487070, 264P487080, 264P487090, 296L003B01, 296V017H01, 296V018B01, 296V019B01, 2S473H, 300313004, 30600140, 30709K(ZENER), 317208, 337-02005, 337-02007, 34-8057-14, 34-8057-33, 34-8057-41, 34-8057-53, 3/4T12D5, 3/4Z12D10, 3/4Z12D5, 3520(DIODE), 3520(WARDS), 35219, 3597553, 3597763, 3598960, 3599658, 3600249, 36539, 36-6343, 36902020, 37SZ-BZ-120, 39-13, 39(SHARP), 39SZ-RD12FB, 407-049-3403, 407-059-3400, 41-0905, 4-1205-01200, 4129501200, 4-2020-12400, 42025-850, 42-27541, 424-0261, 46-861381-1, 46-86379-3, 46-86523-2, 46-86523-3, 46-86570-3, 4777-1(RCA), 4800037, 48-03073A04, 48-137177, 48-137272, 48-155103, 4822-130-31038, 482213031038, 48-32000, 4835-130-34382, 483513034382, 4835-130-37423, 483513037423, 4875-1(RCA), 48-82256C54, 48-90232A93, 4890235A57, 48-97048A08, 48-97048A16, 489752-045, 48D82256C25, 48D82256C54, 48S134850, 48S137000, 48S155103, 48S32000, 48S90233A07, 48X90232A93, 48X90233A07, 48X97048A08, 4J24X539, 4JX24X539, 4JZ4X539, 4JZ4XL12, .4T12A, .4T12B, 4W01-13, 50Z12, 50Z12A, 50Z12B, 50Z12C, 51-02029-04, 5122, 5222, 523-2003-120, 523-2503-120, 530073-1013, 530073-13, 530073-14, 530073-6, 530118-2, 530145-120, 530157-1120, 530163-120, 530192-1120, 530192-120, 5302531006, 5302531014, 530253-14, 530253-6, 5302541011, 5330601, 53A001-10, 540-024, 5490307-P3, 561-2557-161, 561-2560-963, 561-2597-420, 561-2597-421, 56-4837, 56-51, 56-57, 59991-1, 600X0101-066, 601X0226-0666, 610073-13, 62390174, 62564504, 62921967, 63-9942, 65-085004, 66F0074, 66F0076, 68SZ-12FB3, 68SZ-RD12FB3, 690V103H53, 690V116H40, 7046-004(RCA), 707W02315, 71411-002, 71411-2, 7492377-5, 7492377-P5, .75N12, 75N12, 75Z12, 75Z12A, 75Z12B, 75Z12C, 760304, 78-271383-1, 78SZ-UZP-12B, .7JZ12, .7Z12, .7Z12A, .7Z12B, .7Z12C, .7Z12D, .7ZM12, .7ZM12A, .7ZM12B, .7ZM12C, .7ZM12D, 800-004-00, 800-023-00, 800-035-00, 801731, 817155, 817208, 831-124, 86-0521, 86-25-1, 86-31-1, 86-51-1, 86-65-1, 86-85-1, 86-92-1, 8-719-931-12, 879-2(SYL), 88SZ-RD12FB2, 8-905-421-234, 8-905-421-319, 903-00364, 903-364, 903-97B, 919-00-1445-002, 919-00-1445-2, 919-001445-2, 919-003309-2, 919-013058, 919-013732, 922693, 935-6308, 93A39-12, 93A39-12(VOL.-REG.), 93A39-12(VOL.REG.), 93A39-43, 93A80-1, 93B39-12, 93B39-13, 93B39-43, 93C39-12, 93C39-13, 93C39-2, 93C39-43, 93C39-6, 93D39-43, 93D39-43-52T, 94A80-1, 94EQA01-12R, 96-5091-01, 96-5133-01-02, 96-5133-02, 96-5248-04, 99201-110, 99201-219, 99202-218, 99202-318, A054-151, A-134166-2, A1-DHZ-LAA-024, A2474, A36539, A7110411, A7287500, A7287513, AU2012, AV2012, AV5, AW01, AW01-12, AW-01-12C, AW01-12C, AW01-12V, AW0113, AW08-12, AX12, AZ-120, B66X0040-001, BN7551, BZ-12, BZ-120, BZ120, BZV17C12, BZV85C12, BZX17, BZX29C12, BZX59C12, BZX64C12, BZX69C12, BZX85C12, BZX89C12, BZY18, BZY-19, BZY19, BZY92C12, BZY94/C12, C4018, CD31-00015, CD31-12022, CD4116, CD4117, CD4118, CD4121, CD4122, CR956, CX-0052, CX0052, CXL142, CXL5021, CZ12B, CZB12, CZD012-5, D-00484R, D2G-3, D2G-4, D3W, D93011201B, D940W01120, DS-108, DX-1163, DX-2451, DZ-12, DZ12A, DZB12, DZB12C, E0771-7, E12087G, E1216ZG, E1445ZA, E1645Z, E1852, E262, EA1318, EA16X162, EA16X29, EA16X77, EA2500, EA3719, ECG142, ECG142A, EE5A-12G, ELP12G, EP16X36, EQA01-12SL, EQA01-12ST, EQA01-12Z, EQAO1-12S1, EQB01-12, EQB01-12A, EQB01-12B, EQB01-12BV, EQB01-12M, EQB01-12R, EQB1-12M, EQG-12A, ES10234, ET16X15, EVR12, EVR12A, EVR12B, EW16X487, EX0022TA, EX0038CE, EX0061CE, EX0592CEZZ, EZ12(ELCOM), FD-1029-GA, FZ1215, FZ12A, FZ12T10, FZ12T5, G01-037-A, G12T10, G12T20, G12T5, GEZD-12, GXI12G, GZ1-12G, GZB12, GZB12B, H-00005, H089, HD3000101-0, HD3002409, HE-234-266(ZENITH), HEP105, HEPZ0222, HEP-Z0415, HEPZ0415, HEPZ0416, H-EX0061CE, HF-20041, HM12B, HN-00005, HO89, HS2120, HS7120, HW12, HW12A, HW12B, HZ-12 (Lead configuration may vary from the original device. Consult technical section for device outline.), HZ12P, HZ12PB, HZ-212, HZ-312B, HZ5242, IDAZ3403B, IE12Z5, ITT417, ITT417(ZENITH), J20438, JZ12B, KD2505, KS120A, KS120B, KS2120A, KS2120B, KS44A, KS44AF, KS44B, KS44BF, LPM12, LPM12A, LPZT12, LR120C, LR120CH, LZZ1-12, M12Z, M4Z12, M4Z12-20, M4Z12A, MA2120, MC6016, MC6016A, MC6116, MC6116A, MD759, MD759A, MEZ1-12G, MEZ12T10, MEZ12T5, MR120C-H, MTZ616, MTZ616A, MZ-1000-15, MZ1000-15, MZ1012, MZ-11, MZ-12, MZ12, MZ12A, MZ-12B, MZ12B, MZ-212, MZ212, MZ412B, MZ500-18, MZ500.18, MZ92-12A, N-EA16X29, NGP5010, NT50C12, NT5522, NT55C12, NTE142A, O2Z12GR, O5Z12, OA126-12, OA126/12, OA12612, OAZ213, OAZ273, OZ12T10, OZ12T5, PD6016, PD6016A, PD6057, PR617, PS10022B, PS10066, PS8915, PTC507, QA01-12S, QA112R1, QA112RI, QB112E1, QZ12T10, QZ12T5, R-1348, R2D, R-7103, R7894, R8364, RD12, RD-12-0F, RD12EC, RD12F, RD12FA, RD12FB, RD12F(B1), RD12FB1, RD12FB2, RD12FB3, RD12FBT, RD12M, RD12-OF, RD13K, RD2, RE118, REN142, RH12F, RH-AX0038CEZZ, RH-EX0015CEZZ, RH-EX0038CEZZ, RHEX0038CEZZ, RH-EX0045TAZZ, RH-EX0061CEZZ, RS1348, RS563, RT-243, RVDRD12FB, S1R12B, S1R13B, S5242B, SD-33, SD33, SD53, SFZ716, SI-RECT-228, SI-RECT-230, SK12V, SK12V/142A, SK3062, SK3062/142A, SM-A-595831-124, SP3062, SV1017, SV135, SV4012, SV4012A, SV44, SVDEQA0112R, SW01, SZ12, SZ12.0, SZ12B, SZ-200-12, SZ671-B, SZ671-G, SZ-BZ-120, SZ-EQB01-12A, SZ-RD12FB, SZ-RD12FB2, SZT8, SZ-UZP-12B, T-E1068, TE1068, T-E1077, TE1077, T-E1106, T-E1140, TM142, TM142A, TMD10, TMD10A, TR14002-6, TR2337101, TR-75, TR-7SB, TS-337, TVS1N741A, TVS1N741H, TVSEQA01-125, TVSEQB01-12, TVSQA01-12S, TVSQA112R1, TVSQA112RI, TVSQB112, TVSQB112E1, TVSQB112ZE, TVSRD12EB2, TVSRD12FB2, TVSRD12FB3, TVS-RD13A, TVS-RD13D, TVS-RD13M, TVS-RD13P, TVS-RD(M)(P)D, TZ12, TZ12A, TZ12B, TZ12C, UDZ8712, UZ1-12, UZ12B, UZ8712, UZ8812, UZL-12, UZP-12B, V160, VHEBZ-120, VR12, VR12A, VR12B, W1-120, W6-120, W7-120, W8-120, W9-120, WA-120, WA-120A, WA-120B, WA-120C, WA-120D, WB-120, WB-120A, WB-120B, WB-120C, WB-120D, WC-120, WC-120A, WC-120B, WC-120C, WC-120D, WD-120, WD-120A, WD-120B, WD-120C, WD-120D, WE-120, WE-120A, WE-120B, WE-120C, WE-120D, WEP105, WEP1112, WF-100B, WF-100C, WF-100D, WF-120, WF-120A, WF-120B, WF-120C, WF-120D, WG-120, WG-120A, WG-120B, WG-120C, WG-120D, WH-120, WH-120A, WH-120B, WH-120C, WH-120D, WI-120, WI-120A, WI-120B, WI-120C, WI-120D, WJ-120, WJ-120A, WJ-120B, WJ-120C, WJ-120D, WK-120, WK-120A, WK-120B, WK-120C, WK-120D, WL-120, WL-120A, WL-120B, WL-120C, WL-120D, WM-120, WM-120A, WM-120B, WM-120C, WM-120D, WN-120, WN-120A, WN-120B, WN-120C, WN-120D, WO-120, WO-120A, WO-120B, WO-120C, WO-120D, WP-120, WP-120A, WP-120B, WP-120C, WP-120D, WQ-120, WQ-120A, WQ-120B, WQ-120C, WQ-120D, WR-120, WR-120A, WR-120B, WR-120C, WR-120D, WS-120, WS-120A, WS-120B, WS-120C, WS-120D, WT-120, WT-120A, WT-120B, WT-120C, WT-120D, WU-120, WU-120A, WU-120C, WU-120D, WU-125, WU-125A, WU-125B, WU-125C, WU-125D, WU-20B, WV-120, WV-120A, WV-120B, WV-120C, WV-120D, WW-115, WW-115A, WW-115B, WW-115C, WW-115D, WW-120, WW-120A, WW-120B, WW-120C, WW-120D, WX-120, WX-120A, WX-120B, WX-120C, WX-120D, WY-120, WY-120A, WY-120B, WY-120C, WY-120D, WZ12, WZ535, WZ917, X0257, X0257(GOTTLIEB), X330302, XQ-RD12EC, XQ-RD12FB, XZ-122, Z0-12, Z0-12A, Z0-12B, Z0222, Z0415, Z0B-12, Z0B12, Z0C12, Z0D12, Z-1014, Z1112, Z-1112C, Z1112-C, Z1112C, Z111Z, Z12, Z1212, Z12A, Z12K, Z1B12, Z1C12, Z1D12, Z2A120F, Z4742A, Z4B12, Z4X12, Z4XL12, Z4XL12B, Z5B12, Z5B2, Z5C12, Z5D12, Z-963B, ZA12, ZA12A, ZA12B, ZB1-10, ZB-1.12, ZB1-12, ZB12, ZB12A, ZB12B, ZB212, ZB-31.12, ZC012, ZC112, ZD012, ZD12 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZD12A, ZD12B, ZE12, ZE12A, ZE12B, ZEC12, ZENER-122, ZF112, ZF12 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF12A, ZF12B, ZF212, ZG12, ZH112, ZH12, ZH12A, ZH12B, ZJ12, ZJ12A, ZJ12B, ZM12, ZM12A, ZM12B, ZO-12, ZO-12A, ZO-12B, ZOB12, ZP12, ZP12A, ZP12B, ZPY12, ZQ12, ZQ12A, ZQ12B, ZR212, ZR50B793-1, ZS12, ZS12A, ZS12B, ZT12, ZT12A, ZT12B, ZU12, ZU12A, ZU12B, ZV12, ZV12A, ZV12B, ZW12, ZY12, ZY12A, ZY12B, ZZ12

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