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Hammond Part Number: 1553BBKBKBAT

  • Ergonomically designed for hand-held comfort.
  • Dimensions: 117mm x 79mm x 24mm (4.62" x 3.11" x 0.95")
  • Max PC Board Dimensions: 78mm x 61mm (3.08" x 2.4")
  • Material: ABS with soft ABS side grips
  • Top cover is recessed for membrane display or keypad
  • P.C. board standoffs are molded into case
  • Includes removable front panel (for easy modifications) and assembly hardware.
  • Battery door & compartment version includes 4 battery clips (for 2 - AA batteries) and a 9 volt (PP3) battery clip.
  • Color: Black

Hammond Mfg. Co. Makes high quality project boxes. This box includes 2 black screws to close the case. Internal standoffs for mounting a PCB.
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