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100A AC Digital LCD Current Energy Watt Kwh Panel Meter Ammeter Voltmeter + CT


US 100A AC Digital LCD Current Monitor Energy Panel Meter Ammeter Voltmeter + CT

  • Measurement of voltage, current, power and energy; LCD Digital display shows the voltage, current, power and energy show on the screen at the same time.
  • This module is suitable for indoor, please do not use outdoor overload alarm function(If active power is larger than threshold, backlight and power will flash)
  • Applied load should not exceed the rated power.
  • Store energy data when power off, button available for controlling
  • Large LCD Display show the voltage, current, power, energy


  • Working voltage: AC 80-260V
  • Voltage test range: AC 80-260V (Display: 80V-220V)
  • Current: test range: 0-100A (Display: 0.00-99.99A)
  • Power test range: 0-4.5Kw (Less than 1kW, display: 0.0-999.9W; 1kW-2kW, display: 1000-4500W)
  • 0-22kW (Less than 1kW, display: 0.0-999.9W; More than 1kW, display: 1000-9999W; More than 10kW, display: 10.0-22.0kW)
  • Energy test range: 0-9999kWh (Less than 10KWh, display: 0-9999Wh; More than 10kWh, display: 10-9999kWh)
  • Operating frequency: 45-65Hz
  • Measurement accuracy: 1.0

Button control:
1. Backlight control: short press to turn on or turn off the light
2. Power cleared: Long press for 5 seconds till the number on the screen flashes, then stop pressing. Short press again, data will be cleaned and log out flashing mode. Long press for 5 seconds again, the data will be saved and log out the power cleaned mode.
3. Power alarm settings: Long pressing until "SET CLr" appears in the power area. Power area shows the current alarm range while the lowest digit starts to flash. In this time, short press to add one (+1), the setting will move to another digit automatically after 3 seconds. Long press for 5 seconds to log out after finishing setting.

Package Includes:
1 * 100A AC Digital LCD Multimeter (With CT)

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.