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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE156
Description: R-SI,1000V,2A
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE156.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-02406-0, 001-02406-1, 001-024061, 0051-0040, 012-1025-002, 022-2823-001, 0248, 030, 031, 032, 035, 05A09, 05AO9, 06318, 065-016, 070-031, 070-035, 070-041, 08000016, 08D, 08D(DIODE), 09-306053, 09-306227, 09-306304, 09-306379, 1031-17, 1045154-5, 1045154-6, 106-013, 10B10, 10DC-2, 10DC-2R, 11115066, 11115095, 112528, 12550, 126-1(SYL), 127835, 127992, 1303256, 131475, 13-17174-4, 131815, 132815, 13-29165-1, 13-29165-2, 13-3015126-1, 133266, 1405-1(RCA), 1471405-1, 1472460-14, 1474778-13, 1474778-4, 1474778-8, 1476171-21, 1-506-319, 150R10B, 150R1B, 150R8B, 150R9B, 1510799001, 158584, 1.5B05, 1.5C05, 1.5E10, 1.5E3, 1.5E7, 1.5E8, 1.5J10, 1.5J7, 1.5J8, 165-1(SYL), 1652990020, 165-2(SYL), 168J2, 174-4(SYL), 1800017, 1925-1(RCA), 1AS027, 1AS029, 1H00005, 1H00013, 1H98002, 1LE11, 1LF11, 1N1056, 1N1057, 1N1225, 1N1225B, 1N1226, 1N1226B, 1N4719R, 1N4720R, 1N4722R, 1N4723R, 1N4724R, 1N4725R, 1N4943, 1N4997R, 1N4998R, 1N4999R, 1N5000R, 1N5001R, 1N5002R, 1N5003R, 1N5170, 1N5172, 1N5177, 1N5178, 1N5190GP, 1N5399, 1N5627GP, 1NE11, 1NF11, 1R30DF, 1S1071, 1S1076, 1S1720, 1S1720R, 1S1891, 1S1892, 1S1944, 1S2377, 1S2409, 1SR11-100, 1SR11-400, 1SR12-100, 1SR12-400, 1SR12-50, 1SR13-100, 1SR13-400, 1SR13-50, 1SR14-100, 1SR14-400, 1SR14-50, 1SR55-100, 1SR55-50, 1SR77-400, 1SR78-400, 1WS1, 1WS10, 1WS2, 1WS8, 2000-348, 200-6582, 200R10B, 200R1B, 200R7B, 200R8B, 200R9B, 212-Z9000, 21A119-187, 223815, 223832, 223858, 229805, 23115-085, 23115947, 232-0021, 232-1006, 2330251(POWER), 2330332, 2330771, 2331502, 235541, 237070, 237421, 239097, 240055, 240076, 243115, 2460-14(RCA), 24MW1118, 2552007, 264P03703, 264P18801, 2811925-001, 28-22-11, 28-22-16, 28-22-18, 28-22-20, 2A100, 2A200, 2A30, 2AFR2PF, 2C05, 2C10, 2C6, 2C8, 2E1, 2E10, 2E2, 2E4, 2E6, 2E8, 2EM015, 2EM10, 2EM6, 2EM8, 2F10, 2F2CN1, 2F2CN5, 2F6, 2F8, 2SB-S131, 3000-348, 306-001028, 30D-1, 30D1, 30D4, 30DF2-FC, 30R10, 30R8, 34201, 35-014-0, 3529A, 3529B, 3529C, 398Z, 3A1, 3A100, 3A1000, 3AF2, 3BF1, 3BF10, 3BF2, 3BF3, 3BF4, 3BF6, 3BF8, 3BZ-61, 3BZ61, 3DS3, 3DZ61, 3GZ61, 3LZ41, 3NZ41, 3NZ61, 41020687, 41030618, 4130100502, 4202003200, 4-2020-21100, 4202021100, 46-861016-3, 46-86558-3, 47126-10, 47126-8, 4778-14(RCA), 4778-21(RCA), 4778-4(RCA), 4778-6(RCA), 4778-8(RCA), 48-03005A09, 4806-0000-005, 48-134671, 4822-130-31124, 482213031124, 4822-130-41172, 482213041172, 48-40833T01, 489752-029, 503-T10192, 50745-03, 50745-04, 50745-05, 51-03035-04, 523-0017-001, 523-4001-001, 530072-1014, 530082-4, 530088-3, 53015201, 5302390024, 5391500400, 53B010-5, 53J001-1, 53J002-1, 5402, 560020S, 560059S, 561-6162-247, 57-42, 57-42A, 5AD10, 5AD10C, 5AD10D, 5AD8, 5AD8DC, 5B2, 60LA, 614-1(SYL), 61436, 6171-21(RCA), 66X0073-001, 690V038H22, 690V039H22, 690V080H54, 71794, 72151(RECT), 72151(RECTIFIER), 8000-00011-105, 800-010-00, 800-018-00, 800-018-02, 800-037-00, 800-043-00, 800-050-00, 800-051-00, 817179, 817179A, 817209, 8-717-908-03, 871790803, 8-719-500-34, 8-719-501-34, 8-719-503-40, 8-719-908-03, 871990803, 8-719-911-54, 8-719-912-54, 8-719-936-82, 871993683, 8-719-941-13, 903-00379, 903-17, 903-17A, 903-17B, 903-17C, 903-334, 903-348, 903-356, 903-412, 903-561, 919-00-1449-1, 919-001449-3, 919-002240-1, 919-002440, 919-002440-1, 919-002440-2, 919-008862, 919-010829, 919-010829-1, 919-011339, 919-013036, 919-013061, 919-013079, 923147(RECTIFIER), 935-1015, 93L104-5, 93L5-3, 93L5-5, 93L5-8, 96-5112-01, 96-5193-01, 96-5194-01, 984794, 984795, A054-149, A054-229, A10A, A10B, A14N, A1-DHS-LHA-003, A22B, A22B1, A22B(RECT), A22D, A22D1, A22D(RECT), A22M, A22M(RECT), A2423, A2MA, A42X00290-01, A514-038984, A6A1, A6A5, A6A9, A6AK, A6B1, A6B5, A6B9, A6C1, A6C5, A6C9, A6D1, A6D5, A6D9, A6E1, A6E5, A6E9, A6F1, A6F5, A6F9, A6FK, A6G1, A6G5, A6G9, A6H1, A6H5, A6H9, A6K1, A6K5, A6K9, A6M1, A6M5, A6M9, A7580310, A7A1, A7A5, A7A9, A7B5, A7B9, A7C1, A7C5, A7C7, A7C9, A7D1, A7D5, A7D9, A7E1, A7E5, A7E9, A7F1, A7F5, A7F9, A7G1, A7G5, A7G9, A7H1, A7H5, A7H9, A7K1, A7K5, A7K9, A7M1, A7M5, A7M9, AB100, AB1000, AB200, AB300, AB400, AB50, AB500, AB600, AB700, AB800, AC100, AC200, AC30, AC50, AD29, AD29A-4, AD29A-5, AD29A-6, AD29A-9, AE1A, AE1B, AE1C, AE1D, AE1E, AE1F, AE1G, ATC-SR-3, B172-10, B172-100, B172-20, B172-30, B172-40, B172-5, B172-50, B172-60, B172-70, B172-80, B172-90, B223-10, B223-20, B223-30, B223-40, B223-50, B223-60, B6A1, B6A5, B6A9, B6B1, B6B5, B6B9, B6C1, B6C5, B6C9, B6D1, B6D5, B6D9, B6E1, B6E5, B6E9, B6F1, B6F5, B6F9, B6G1, B6G5, B6G9, B6H1, B6H5, B6H9, B6K1, B6K5, B6K9, B6M1, B6M5, B6M9, B7A1, B7A5, B7A9, B7B1, B7B5, B7B9, B7C1, B7C5, B7C9, B7D1, B7D5, B7D9, B7E1, B7E5, B7E9, B7F1, B7F5, B7F9, B7G1, B7G5, B7G9, B7H1, B7H5, B7H9, B7K1, B7K5, B7K9, B7M1, B7M5, B7M9, BH4R6, BM-3B, BTB1000, BTM1000, BY126/100, BY126/200, BY126/300, BY126/400, BY126/50, BY156, BY172, BY173, BYX26-60, BYX36-150, BYX38, BYX45-1000R, BYX45-600R, BYX45-800R, BYY60, BYY61, CB100, CF102VA, CF152VA, CPR2-010, CPR2010, CPR2-020, CPR2020, CPR2-040, CPR2040, CPR2-060, CPR2060, CPR2-080, CPR2080, CPR2-100, CPR2100, CR2-010, CR2-020, CR2-040, CR2-060, CR2-080, CR951, CR952, CR953, CR954, CR955, CXL125, CXL156, CXL5800, CXL5801, CXL5802, CXL5803, CXL5804, CXL5805, CXL5806, CXL5808, CXL5809, CY80, D000136, D0304(DIODE), D22N, D23TDSA12T, D28F30DF20, D2LF0P300D, DIJ72292, DRA050, DRS2, DS1,2-04E, DS1,2-08E, DS-1.5-2, DS-184, DS1M, DS-2N, DSA12B, DSA12C, DSA12E, DSA12EQ, DSA12G, DSA12T-AT1, DSA12TL, DSA12TL-AT1, DSA17B, DSA17C, DSA17E, DSA20B, DSA20C, DSA20E, DSA20G, DSA26, DSA26B, DSA26C, DSA26E, DSB15B, DSB15E, DSC30B, DSC30C, DSC30E, DSC30G, DSC30J, DSC30L, DX0128CE, DX-0990, DX-1229, DX2321, E1143RD, E1315R, E202(ELCOM), E24101, ECG156, ED29(ELCOM), ED8(ELCOM), ERC01-04F, ERC01-10, ERC16-06, ERC16-10, ERC81004, ERCO1-10, ERD02-10, ERD03-02, ERD03-04, ES16X33, EW169, EW16X209, G08D, G2B, G2G, G2J, G2K, G2M, GE-512, GIP100-D, GM-1, GM-1A, GM-1B, GM-1Z, GM-3, GM3, GM-3A, GM-3B, GM-3Y, GM3Y, GM-3Z, GM3Z, GP-08D, GP08-D, GP08D, GP08DPKG23, GP08DPKG3, GP-20D, GP25, GP252, GPO8D, GPP20A, GPP20B, GPP20D, GPP20G, GPP20J, GPP20K, GPP20M, GSA30, GSA30B, GSA30C, GSA30E, GSA30G, GSA30J, H109, HAB005, HAB010, HAB020, HAB040, HAB060, HAB080, HAB100, HC30, HC39, HC50, HD2000108, HD20005100, HEPR0080, HEPR0081, HEPR0082, HEPR0084, HEPR0086, HEPR0090, HEPR0091, HEPR0092, HEPR0094, HEPR0096, HEPR0097, HEPR0098, HEP-R0600, HEP-R0602, HEP-R0604, HFS-04, HFSD12, HR1000, HSC-1, IP20-0164, IP20-0439, J05, J05G, J1, J10, J10G, J1G, J2, J2G, J4, J4G, J6, J6G, J8, J8G, JA-KCDP, KCDP12-1, KGE46435, M07447321, M07514320, M4B41, M4B41-13, M4B51-11, M4M1, M4M5, M4M9, M72D, MA242RC, MC100A, MH73, MR1030A, MR1030AR, MR1030B, MR1030BR, MR1031A, MR1031AR, MR1031B, MR1031BR, MR1032A, MR1032AR, MR1032B, MR1032BR, MR1033A, MR1033AR, MR1033B, MR1033BR, MR1034A, MR1034AR, MR1034B, MR1034BR, MR1035A, MR1035AR, MR1035B, MR1035BR, MR1036A, MR1036AR, MR1036B, MR1036BR, MR1038A, MR1038AR, MR1038B, MR1038BR, MR1040A, MR1040AR, MR1040B, MR1040BR, MR2069, MR2070, MR2369, NS2006, NS2007, NS2008, NS3000, NS3001, NS3002, NS3003, NS3004, NS3005, NS3006, NS3007, NS3008, NTE156, O5A09, O5AO9, P2440, P300A, P300B, P-300D, P300D, P300DL, P300G, P300J, P300K, P300M, P7109, PD100, PD80, PF10HZ, PG5400, PG5401, PG5402, PG5404, PG5405, PG5406, PG5407, PG5408, PS2346, PS2347, PTC204, QD-SGP25GAG, QDSGP25GAG, QDSGP25GXG, QD-SN5401Z, QD-SSA3AMBE, QD-SSR3AMBE, R0080, R0081, R0082, R0086, R008A, R0090, R0091, R0094, R0096, R0097, R0098, R0600(HEP), R0602(HEP), R0604(HEP), R1000, R210, R250, R250F, R7615, R8645, RA132AA, RA132DA, RA132MA, RA132PA, RA132RA, RA132VA, RE92, REN156, RFJ71123, RH-DX0036TAZZ, RH-DX0091CEZZ, RH-DXTT06A, RL106G, RL107G, RL201, RL201G, RL202, RL202G, RL203, RL203G, RL204, RL204G, RL205, RL205G, RL206, RL206G, RL207, RL207G, RL500, RL501, RL502, RL504, RL506, RL508, RL510, RS1141, RS1142, RS1143, RS1144, RT-4764, RVDSD-1Z, RVDSG-5N, RVDSG-5P, RZ-3, S10BR2, S1B02-03C, S1RB10, S1RD10, S2K49, S3VC40, S3VC40R, S5456J, S6BR2, S7BR2, S8-06, S808, S8-10, S8BR2, S9BR2, SB-3F, SCBR10, SCBR6, SE-05C, SE-1.5A, SE15B, SE15C, SE15D, SELEN-64, SG-5N, SG-5P, SI10A, SI8A, SID50894-3, SID50C052-16, SID51C052-12, SID51C052-18, SID51C052-19, SID51C169-1, SID51C169-2, SIDA05K, SIDA05N, SIDA05P, SIRB10, SI-RECT-110, SI-RECT-112, SI-RECT-112/SB-3, SI-RECT-208, SJ1003F, SK3051/156, SK3G01, SK3G02, SK3G04, SK3G06, SK3G08, SK3G10, SK5006, SLD50894-3, SLD51C052-12, SLD51C052-18, SLD51C169-1, SLD51C169-2, SOD-200D, SP3051, SR1034, SR1050, SR154, SR1EM-4, SR2B12, SR2B16, SR2B20, SR-499, SR499, SSIB0140, SSIB0180, SSIB0640, SSIB0680, SSIC0840, SSIC0880, SSIC1280, SSIC1740, SSIC1780, SSIC1960A, SVDAS2HB10, SVDS3V40, SW-1, SW1, SW-1-01, SW-1-02, SZA100, T-E1122, T-E1127, TM104, TM104(RECT), TM105, TM105(RECT), TM156, TM61, TM84, TM85, TV24225, TVS30D1, TVSDS1M, TVSDS2K, TVS-FR2PC, TVSMR1, TVSSA2H, TW38, U0513, U05B, U05ES, U05J, U15C, UD5B, UD5G, UD5J, UO513, UT2080, V05B, V05E, V05G, V191, V3310, V3510, VO5E, WEP953, WEP954, WR1, WR2, YC02P11/2, ZR608, ZR68, ZS278

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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