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You are looking at brand new VERY BRIGHT, high efficiency 10 watt NICHIA LED modules.

Due to their efficiency, they are MUCH brighter than "standard" 10 watt modules. Remember that wattage does not correlate to brightness/lumens with LEDs.

These are kind of like COB LEDs, but much higher quality. These are arrays of diodes on a ceramic plate. The ceramic place should be attached to a large heatsink using thermal paste or thermal glue (which we carry). These LED modules REQUIRE a heatsink! You may need to fan cool the heatskink that you choose.

A plastic socket is included with these little guys too. You can see how that fits the LED module in the images above. The socket has contacts in it that connect to the LED mondule so that you don't need to solder to the module if you don't want to. You may, however, solder directly to the gold/copper pads on the ceramic chip its self.

We even have reflectors that attach to the sockets, which you can purchase in the reccomended products just above (they are not included).

We offer a few options to get your 12VDC source or 120VAC power source to 36VDC. So don't let that stop you from getting one of these fantastic LEDs.

As a note: These LED modules were discontinued by the manufacturer. We got a large surplus load of these BRAND NEW. But that means, when they are gone, they are gone forever. Need a large quantity? Call ahead to verify stock: 425-641-7275 (Press 1).



Voltage: 36VDC  
Wattage: ~10W  
Amperage: ~1.0A  
Color: Warm White  


Click here to read the California regulatory warning.