1/10 Amp MDL Slow Blow Fuse 5pk
Nte 3agfuse

1/10 Amp MDL Slow Blow Fuse 5pk

Part number: NTE-74-6SG100mA

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1/10 Amp 3AG / MDL / 6 x 30mm Slow Blow Fuse
NTE Part Number: 74-6SG100MA

Current Rating: 1/10 Amp (100mA)
Sold in packages of 5 fuses only. May be substituted for a ceramic or glass fuse depending on our inventory.

Rated Voltage: 125V / 250V
Breaking Capacity: 125VAC, 10kA; 250VAC 200A
Time Characteristics:
% of Ampere Rating Opening Time
110%: 4 Hours Min.
135%: 1 Hour Max.
200%: 5 - 120 Seconds

For full specs, please see the DATASHEET.
Product condition: New