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Vetco Electronics • 425-641-7275

Here are the details about your 10.1% off coupon:

First and foremost, Vetco VALUES your privacy!
We vow to NEVER sell or trade your personal information with anyone else. Not unless you request that we do.

By signing up with us (creating a new website user account), you will receive a one time use 10.1% off coupon that you can use on your next order, emailed to you no sooner than 24 hours from order placement. This coupon will expire 35 days after issuance, and can only be used once. And you will also receive news letters that may contain further discounts and coupons as well as information on exclusive sales or other upcoming sales. These coupons will NOT be available to anyone else and may be time limited! So act fast!

This coupon will be emailed to the email address you used to create your user account. (Check your spam folder). It will be emailed 24 hours AFTER your first order, using your new user account, has been placed.

You MUST be logged into the account you created to receive the coupon with, to use the coupon. In other words, the coupon is tied to that account and you MUST be logged into that account to use the coupon.

If you create a new account, but don't complete check out, then the website WON'T know to give you a coupon! You should email us or call us if this situation occurs and we will help you.

Only one new account creation coupon is allow per person. We will validate this a number of ways. Including address checking and cross-referencing, email address cross-referencing and telephone number cross-referencing. Attempting to trick or play the system to get multiple new account coupons constitutes fraud. Please don't do this.

Vetco Electronics reserves the right to cancel coupons or revoke them at any point for any reason with out prior notice.