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“What happened to upstairs?”

Written by Christopher on Friday, September 06, 2019.




“What happened to upstairs?”


This is a question we have been getting a lot lately.
And it’s a pretty fair question! A few months back (now) we got rid of our 2nd and 3rd floors here at Vetco.




Well, our goal was simple. We wanted to see if we could fit everything that used to be upstairs, entirely on our first floor. We did this for a few reasons. The most important reason was that its VERY difficult to manage two or more floors of a retail store with the level of staff we currently have. (not that we are complaining about the size of our staff!).

We did it!

Our move downstairs was completely successful. In fact, it allowed us to get rid of a bunch of junk that we didn’t even realize we were hoarding! (yes, even businesses can hoard!)

The best part is that we still sell all the same stuff, and do all the same things. The only real difference is that you don’t have to go upstairs for wire, surplus, heatshrink or other similar items anymore!

So, we bid farewell to upstairs, and are happy to have a much easier single floor to manage from now on!


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