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That time Vetco sent something to Dave at EEVblog

Written by Christopher on Friday, March 25, 2022.

Okay, so the item wasn't exactly sent by Vetco Electronics.

But it was sent by one of our very long-time employees Eli K. (He's responsible for Vetco having a website)

And it was from a surplus load that Vetco Electronic purchased from a local laboratory!


Okay, but what did Eli send?

Defib pic 1

He sent a defibrillator analyzer test instrument. These are used to test and analyze your defibrillator to make sure its working within spec. The version that Eli sent is quite an old version, and we have purchased newer versions as surplus recently.

Back in roughly 2017, when Eli mailed that analyzer to EEVblog, it cost him roughly $70 dollars in shipping to Australia. But Eli says "it was totally worth it"! We agree.

A lot of people who love technology watch Dave's YouTube videos over at EEVblog. He always does an amazing job explaining things in (what I find to be) an entertaining way.

The image below is the link to Dave's video so you can head over there and see exactly what is inside of a defibrillator analyzer.

EEVblog photo


Sure this wasn't a super long blog post, but we still think its pretty cool. And Vetco Electronics DOES plan to send Dave over at EEVblog some stuff in the future!




Disclaimer: Dave and EEVblog are not associated with Vetco Electronics in any way what so ever. We did not consult him when writing this article. Though we would happily change it or remove it at his request. He does not help us sell any products and we don't sell any of his (yet). YouTube and the YouTube logo are property of Google.

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