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CONTEST: Show us what you've used our parts to build! $500 in prizes!

Written by Christopher on Friday, August 20, 2021.


You may no longer send entries into this contest as it is now closed for entry (12-13-2021)


You may no longer send entries into this contest as it is now closed for entry (12-13-2021)


Rules for the “Show us what you have built” using parts from Vetco Contest.

This contest opens on: 08-24-2021 and entry closes on: 12-12-2021

For this totally awesome contest, Vetco is awarding three prizes to the winners chosen via a Facebook Poll. We really want to see what you make! We know there is all kinds of awesome projects you have done. Share them and possibly win some dosh.

There are three levels of prize. Level 1 is a $250 dollar prize. Level 2 is a $175 dollar prize. Level 3 is a $75 dollar prize. This is a total of $500 dollars of prizes that Vetco is giving out to the winners!

After 12-12-2021 Vetco will close entry to the contest and collect all the entries and pick the top 5 entries. Then we will make them available for vote on Facebook, by 12-15-2021. Then once the voting is closed on 12-22-2021, Vetco will officially announce the winners either that day or the day after! If there are not enough entries, there will be defacto winners. Prizes will be awarded via Vetco Gift Cards. Which can be picked up in person or mailed.

No purchase is necessary to enter this contest.


1, your project must contain at least one part from Vetco Electronics. Whether or not the part was given to you for free, or you got it from a friend, or you purchased it at Vetco, or had previously purchased it from Vetco prior to learning of this contest. Do you need something free from Vetco for your project, to become eligible to enter? Well, in store only, Vetco will give you a free item to attach to your project. It won't be amazing (so don't expect much) and there's a limit of one per customer/user/household. You must specifically ask us for this item and they are only available Monday through Friday 10AM to 5PM Pacific Time, since the person who makes them needs to be here.

2, to qualify for entry you must tag Vetco Electronics in a post of your project or creation on Instagram AND Facebook (unless you only have one of them)!

3, to actually enter the contest, you must email us ( showing that you tagged us on both media platforms (or at least one if you don’t have both). This "proof of post" must clearly elaborate your project. In other words, it must be clear that it is your project and what your project is/does/is for. This entry email is also how we will contact you if you win. This is a very important step! If you win and we are unable to contact you for more than 29 days after the winners are announced, then your prize will be awarded to a runner up of Vetco’s choice. You must email your entry to: and you will receive an entry confirmation within 24 business hours. If you don’t, then we didn’t receive your entry and you must try to contact us again! Only emails sent to will be accepted as valid entries.

4, the same person can not win more than one level of prize. It must be three different contestants.

5, employees may not enter.

Questions about this contest? Email us!


 This post was originally written on 08-20-2021 and last updated on 12-13-2021

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