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300 Bright, RGB LEDs 16.4 foot strip! This strip has a waterproof silicone covering that protects the strip from moderate moisture. It is not recommended that you submerge these.

The strip is comprised of 5050 Sized SMD RGB LEDs and draws a total of 22.5 Watts. The strip is flexible and can be bent to conform to curves and corners. Runs from 12VDC. (Power supply and controller not included) You need a MINIMUM of 2 AMPs to power this full 16 foot strip. Using a under-powered power supply on these strips will result in power loss down the line and mismatched colors due to certain color of diodes not receiving enough power. Something else to note: it is recommended to purchase as many of these as you need at once. This is because there can be slightly varying color across different batches of these strips. We do our best to ensure they match, but it is very hard and we can not guarantee it. Please call us if you have special order requirements. We are very glad to help you get what you need to complete your project. Call us at: 425-641-7275 if you need any help! (Hit 1).


These are NOT individually addressable LED strips. Each color has its own separate 12VDC circuit. For a total of three 12VDC circuits (R G B). You can power these strips off of regular 12V DC if you don't need advanced flashing patterns or color mixing.

Pulls up to 5 Amps when all colors are lit to full brighness.

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.