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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE104
Description: T-PNP, GE-AF PO
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 27
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE104.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-01204-0, 001-012040, 001-01205-0, 001-01205-1, 001-012051, 001-01252, 001-01253, 002-007000, 002-008100, 002-009700, 008870, 008870-000, 008890, 008890-000, 026-1000-20, 057040, 0573166, 086, 087, 09-301010, 09-5509-0, 0C16, 0C22, 0C23, 0C24, 0C25, 0C26, 0C35, 0C36, 1008-17, 1024-17, 1029-CK, 110515, 111P5C, 111P7C, 1124C, 121-1045, 12163, 12178, 1221625, 129-6, 129-7, 14-586-01, 14-601-08, 146T1, 1476171-11(TRANS), 1476171-11(TRANS.), 1476171-13(TRANS), 1476171-13(TRANS.), 147T1, 15354-3, 15927, 175027-022, 1850-0146, 1850-0160, 1850-0190, 1850-0402, 1850-0406, 19-020-030, 2057A2-302, 207A20, 207A20A, 2090056-1, 2090056-27, 2090056-5, 2091859-0008, 2091859-0025, 2091859-0720, 2091859-10, 2091859-11, 2091859-2, 2091859-4, 218012DS, 229-0116, 23311006, 2347-17, 25661-022, 297V041H05, 297V041H07, 297V041H15, 2D004-9, 2D015, 2G223, 2N1007, 2N1146, 2N1162, 2N1162A, 2N1164, 2N1227, 2N1227-3, 2N1227-4, 2N1227-4A, 2N1227-4R, 2N1227A, 2N1245, 2N1246, 2N1291, 2N1314, 2N1314R, 2N1419, 2N1501, 2N1502, 2N1668, 2N1669, 2N1755, 2N1756, 2N1757, 2N1758, 2N1759, 2N176, 2N1760, 2N176-1, 2N1761, 2N1762, 2N176A, 2N176G, 2N176W, 2N178, 2N179, 2N2061, 2N2062, 2N2062A, 2N2063, 2N2063A, 2N2064, 2N2064A, 2N2065, 2N2065A, 2N2066, 2N2066A, 2N2067, 2N2067B, 2N2067G, 2N2067W, 2N2069, 2N2070, 2N2137, 2N2137A, 2N2142, 2N2142A, 2N2289, 2N230, 2N242, 2N250, 2N250A, 2N255, 2N255A, 2N256, 2N256A, 2N257, 2N257A, 2N257-B, 2N257B, 2N257G, 2N257GRN, 2N257-W, 2N257W, 2N2612, 2N275W, 2N285, 2N285A, 2N285B, 2N2869, 2N290, 2N296, 2N307, 2N325, 2N375, 2N376, 2N376A, 2N378, 2N380, 2N386, 2N387, 2N392, 2N399, 2N400, 2N401, 2N419, 2N4244, 2N4247, 2N456, 2N456A, 2N456B, 2N457, 2N457A, 2N457B, 2N458, 2N458A, 2N511, 2N511A, 2N511B, 2N512, 2N512A, 2N512B, 2N513, 2N513A, 2N513B, 2N539, 2N539A, 2N540, 2N540A, 2N5435, 2N5438, 2N5692, 2N5693, 2N57, 2N618, 2N637, 2N637A, 2N637B, 2N638, 2N638A, 2N638B, 2N639, 2N639A, 2N639B, 2N66, 2N67, 2N68, 2S41, 2S41A, 2S42, 2SB123, 2SB123A, 2SB140, 2SB141, 2SB142, 2SB142B, 2SB142C, 2SB143, 2SB143P, 2SB144, 2SB144P, 2SB145, 2SB146, 2SB147, 2SB149, 2SB151, 2SB152, 2SB19, 2SB20, 2SB21, 2SB228, 2SB230, 2SB233, 2SB246, 2SB249, 2SB249A, 2SB250, 2SB250A, 2SB254, 2SB255, 2SB256, 2SB26, 2SB26A, 2SB27, 2SB28, 2SB29, 2SB30, 2SB31, 2SB337, 2SB355, 2SB356, 2SB41, 2SB413, 2SB414, 2SB42, 2SB62, 2SB83, 2SF.T212, 30302, 3107-204-90140, 3107-204-90190, 34-6001-1, 34-6002-17, 34-6002-18, 34-6002-18A, 34-6002-20, 34-6002-22, 34-6002-22A, 34715, 35084, 3515, 35201, 35260, 36896, 39PC1, 40022, 40050, 40254, 40462, 4082501-001, 413-0149, 417-62, 4247, 4347, 4-435, 48-10103A06, 48-10103A11, 48-134727, 48-134731, 48-134907, 48-137025, 48-137026, 48-137078, 48-137102, 48-137213, 48-137215, 48-137216, 48-137217, 48-137218, 48-137219, 48-137220, 48-137329, 4822-130-40233, 482213040233, 48-83699E03, 48-83699E04, 48-84302A01, 48-869087B, 48-869099B, 48-869118, 48K125230, 48K39P1, 48K57B2, 48K57B42, 48R134722, 48S134747, 48S134751, 48S134759, 48S134947, 48S134974, 5253, 5496663P3, 561-6800-176, 561-6800-242, 561-6800-250, 561-6800-376, 561-6800-380, 561-6800-456, 561-6801-040, 561-6801-502, 561-6801-755, 561-6802-137, 561-6802-147, 576-0002-002, 57A124-10, 57B124-10, 57B6-12, 57L5-1, 57M3-7, 57M3-8, 60770, 610111-5, 610111-7, 610152-1, 62051509, 62-18427, 62742585, 63-18427, 642-206, 642-264, 642-316, 690V081H97, 7279039, 7279049, 7285774, 7285778, 7289047, 7290594, 7291252, 7297043, 7297092, 7297093, 76-11770, 7851322-01, 800-329, 80105, 801505, 801519, 8999-115, 8A12991, 8L301V, 8P40, 8P-404, 8P404, 8P404F, 8P404ORN, 94004, 964-16599, 964-17887, 97A83, 992-00-1192, 992-008870-000, 992-008890-000, 99-PWR, A059-115, A2SB240A, A2SB242A, A2SB248A, AD139, AD149, AR4, AR5, AR6, AR7, AUY21, AUY22, B10064, B10069, B123, B123A, B140, B141, B142, B142B, B142C, B143, B143P, B144, B144P, B145, B146, B147, B149, B151(TRANS), B151(TRANSISTOR), B152(TRANS), B152(TRANSISTOR), B19, B20, B21, B228, B230, B233, B246, B249, B249A, B250, B250A, B254, B255, B256, B26A, B26(JAPAN), B27, B28(JAPAN), B29, B2SB241, B2SB244, B30(JAPAN), B31(TRANS), B31(TRANSISTOR), B355, B356, B41, B413, B414, B42, B62, B83, BC1073, BC1073A, BC1274, BC1274A, BC1274B, CST1739, CST1740, CST1741, CST1742, CTP1104, CTP1106, CTP1108, CTP1109, CTP1117, CTP1119, CTP1740, CXL104, DO80, DS-520, DS520, DT401, DTG-110, DTG110(WARDS), DU6, ECG104, EQG-8, ES13, ES13(ELCOM), ES15X45, ES15X51, ES15X78, ES18(ELCOM), ES503(ELCOM), ES7, ES9, ES9(ELCOM), ET6, F-67-E, FD-1029-CK, G6000(HEP), G6003(HEP), GC4267-3, GO4-701-A, GP-859, GPT16, HEP200, HEP230, HEP626, HEP-G6000, HEPG6000, HEPG6000P/G, HEP-G6003, HEPG6003, HEPG6003P/G, HEPG6005P/G, HEPG6013, HEPG6013P/G, HJ35, HR101, IRTR01, JP40, JR40, K04774, K4-520, K4-521, KO4774, LS52, M4463, M4570, M4619, M4620, M4649, M4727, M4887A, M4974, M4974/P1R, M84, M9118, MN76, NTE104, OC16, OC22, OC23, OC24, OC25, OC26, OC27, OC28, OC29, OC35, OC36, P1R, P2C, P2R, P3EBLK, P3EBLU, P3EGRN, P3ERED, P4D, P4L, P4N, P75534-2, P75534-3, PA10890, PADT50, PQ31, PT235A, PT236, PT236A, PT336B, PT554, PTC114, R3515, R7167, R7620, R8313, RE11, RE11MP, RE7, REN104, RS-105, RS-1055, RS-2006, RT-124, RT-127, RT4762MHF25, SF.T191, SK25, SK3719, SK3719/104, SP1013B, SP1108, SP1137, SP1323, SP1403, SP1600, SP1619, SP1651, SP176, SP1927, SP2234, SP2247, SP230, SP2358, SP2431, SP26, SP441D, SP441S, SP44UD, SP44US, SP47, SP486, SP880, SP891, SP891-B, SS25, T1040, T1041, T1366, T1366A, T1367, T1367A, T1368, T1368A, T1369, T1369A, T1370, T1370A, T139, TF78, TF78/30, TI370, TI370A, T-Q5028, T-Q5036, TR01, TR-01MP, TR01MP, TR-02, TR-16, TR-16C, TR-172(OLSON), TR56, TS-610, TS-612, TS-613, TS-614, TVS2SB449(F), TX103-1, V30/30DP, VFG-274513, VFG2745B, VFP-2746C, VS2SB355-D/-1, W5, WEP232, WEP624, WEP628, XB5, XB7, XC155, XC156, XN12A, XN12B, XN12C, XN12E, XN12F, Z20, ZEN325

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New

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