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MG Part Number: 1035-85ml

A spreadable, non-corrosive, translucent paste. Excellent for the sealing and bonding of electronic components onto printed circuit boards and protecting copper connections on electronic parts assemblies. Excellent as a weather proofing sealant where power cords enter motors. Use as a gasket for leak resistant sealing and insulating.

Retains elastomeric properties for long periods at temperatures from -60°C to 204°C (-75°F to 399 °F). Recommended for marine applications.

Use Adhesive Sealant
  Marine Application
Special Features High strength,
Cross Reference RTV 5818, RTV5812, RTV5813
Uncured Properties
Consistency Paste
Color Translucent
Specific Gravity 1.04
Tack Free Time 15 min
Cure Through Time 12 - 24 hours
Useful Temp. Range -60°C to 204°C
(-75°F to 399 °F)
Cured Properties - MECHANICAL
Hardness 21 (Shore A)
Tensile Strength 1.896 MPa (275 psi)
Elongation 500%
Tear Strength 7.1 kg/cm (40 lb/in)
Peel Strength 8 kg/cm (47 lb/in)
Cured Properties - ELECTRICAL
Volume Resistivity 2 x 1015 ohm · cm
Dielectric Strength 16.8 kV/mm
  425 V/mil
Dielectric Constant 2.8 @ 100 Hz
Cured Properties - THERMAL
Thermal Conductivity 0.06 W/m · °K
Brittle Point -60°C (-75°F)
Thermal Expansion 3.0 x 10-4 mm/mm/°C
Viscosity (@ 25°C) 480 g/min

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