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LL-240 Low Loss Coax Cable - w/ 16AWG Stranded Center Conductor - DIRECT BURIAL
USA Made Coax Cable!

This is LL-240 coax cable, an LMR-240 Equivalent Coaxial Cable that meets or exceeds the LMR-240 specifications. LL-240 is a very low-loss cable that is suitable for use from VHF all the way through multi-gigahertz frequencies. This cable is approximately the same size as RG-8X (Mini-RG-8) Coax, and is an easy and effective upgrade to any transmitter or radio system. It features a foamed polyethylene dielectric, 16AWG - 19 Strand Copper center conductor, tinned copper braid and aluminum mylar foil shielding. CL2 / CMR Rated and ETL Verified.

Center Conductor AWG: 16 AWG
Center Conductor Material: Bare Copper
Center Conductor Stranding: 19 Strand Bare Copper
Dielectric Material: Foamed Polyethlene
Nominal Operation Diameter: 0.242"
Braid AWG: 34 AWG
Braid Material: Tinned Copper
Tape Material: Aluminum Mylar Foil
Final Jacket Material: Polyethlene

Nominal Attenuation:
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Capacitance: 24.8pF/Foot
Velocity Factor: .84

Frequency (MHz): Nom dB/100
50MHz 2.20dB
100MHz 3.30dB
200MHz 4.90dB
400MHz 5.30dB
1000MHz 8.90dB

This coax is printed "LL240 50 OHM LOW LOSS HIGH FLEX COAXIAL CABLE (ETL)us CL2 or CMR MADE IN USA" with linear foot markings.

This cable is sold by the foot, with price breaks at 50, 100, and 500 feet. To purchase, enter the quantity in feet that you would like to buy. Price breaks will applied automatically.

The following connectors work with this coax cable:
UHF / PL259:
UHF Male: TES 394841
BNC Male: TES 384862
BNC Female: TES 56093
N Male: TES 373491
N Female: TES 354507
SMA Male: TES 315399
SMA Female: TES 304759
RP SMA Male: TES 364735
RP SMA Female: TES 3394980
RP TNC Male: TES 394461
RP TNC Female: TES 354039

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.