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Take the guess-work out of stepper motor control. One input pin sets the direction of rotation, another input pin selects between half-stepping and full-stepping, and another input pin receives pulses - each pulse moves the motor one step. Add a few external resistors and a capacitor, and this chip will perform pulse-width-modulation to regulate the coil current to an adjustable level. This allows you to efficiently maximize torque by driving the motor at higher-than-rated voltage without overheating. Please note that this chip does not drive the motor directly; rather, it connects to an external H-bridge driver such as the L293 or L298. Use this chip in combination with an L298 and a 555 timer to create a self-contained stepper motor driver. The possibilities are endless.

Operating Supply Voltage: 5V
Supply Current: 80mA
Maximum Operating Temp: +150 C Minimum Operating Temp: -40 C Output Voltage: 0.8 V

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