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IEC C14 Power Inlet, Panel-mount or Board-mount

IEC C14 Power Inlet, Panel-mount or Board-mount

Part number: VUPN7085

Manufacturer: Switchcraft
Manufacturer's Part Number: EAC303
This receptacle is similar (possibly identical) to Switchcraft EAC333

This versatile power inlet receptacle is made of high-impact black plastic. Hobbyists and prototypers prefer this receptacle to snap-in receptacles because of its two sets of mount holes, which enable a variety of mounting options. Also, unlike snap-ins, this receptacle does not need a perfect rectangular opening in the panel in order to mount properly. An oversized or imperfectly cut opening works fine. Three pins on the bottom provide connections for ground, hot, and neutral. There is an additional ground lug on the rear.

Product condition: New