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FTDI Breakout Board (USB-TTL Converter)

Our FTDI Breakout board is made in the USA using GENUINE FTDI FT232RL IC's purchased from an authorized FTDI reseller. Don't fall for unbelievably low priced converters that use counterfeit chips. As recently demonstrated, FTDI can remotely disable and break knock-off FTDI modules.

This compact board provides TTL-level Tx, Rx, DTR, and CTS signals, 5-Volt power and ground all through a convenient 0.1" pitch male header. This breakout board is built around the popular and well-supported FTDI FT232R: chip. The module can be modified to provide 3.3V logic levels if desired. To configure the board for 3.3V TTL, cut the trace on the rear of the board between the 5V and the center solder pad. Solder a jumper wire between the 3V pad and the center solder pad.

This is an essential accessory for anyone working with microcontrollers or TTL level serial devices.
The module has a right-angle 6-Pin male 0.1" spaced header for easy breadboard compatibility. The USB interface is a 5-Pin Mini-USB jack.
QTY: 1 x FTDI Breakout Board (USB-TTL Converter)

Product condition: New