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Flexible LED Filament Noodles!

These Filament noodles are a great way to add a little pop to your project and some zazz to your wearables. They're super flexible and can be sewn to fabrics with ease! They move and feel a bit like rubber noodles! But we don't reccomend eating them! Be sure to keep them away from pets that like to chew on or eat things they shouldn't. Especially cats! They LOVE these things.

These run on just 3 volts DC at about 200mA.

300mm Length (11.8 in)

(You can over power these to make them brighter but we recommend 3v to extend the lifespan of your filament!!)

It is intended to be soldered to each end. You can use small screw terminals to avoid soldering. We have an in store display set up for these so you can see how cool they look!

We have Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red available!


Call to check availability as these are super popular!!


We have been carrying these online since early 2021!

And we are the FIRST online and retail store to carry them in the United States!!!

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.